Ice cream. I used to be addicted to the stuff. Quite literally.

A while back now, but I was one of those people who could sit there with a single spoon and tub of Ben and Jerrys, and an hour later peer into the bottom of the cardboard pot and wonder where it’s all gone. Or on the odd occasion, savouring every mouthful to the extent that I’d use a teaspoon, but still get through the whole thing anyway…perhaps in two sittings. In the same day.

That’s why now, ice cream is treat. Apart from when I’m out for a 2/3 course dinner and the dessert option comes with a scoop, or there’s an affogato on the pudding list (a sure fire winner of a dessert), I don’t normally have it in my flat unless it’s a special occasion. But I do still love it as much as I always did – I just need to get the balance right!

Recently I was sent a selection of the small single serving tubs from Simply Ice Cream. Six different flavours I handpicked from a range of over 25, which featured flavours I didn’t even think possible, like Brown Bread, Apple Crumble and Christmas Pudding.

Simply Ice Cream

The cute, minimalist turquoise tubs were sat in my freezer for a few days until the weekend when I decided I deserved a treat to end the week, and I helped myself to one, and took one for Alex too. I actually picked three flavours for him when choosing my original selection, as they made me think of him straight away – for instance the cinnamon ice cream. Alex has cinnamon on EVERYTHING. Crumble, Madeira cake and cream, baked banana and pancakes, porridge, you name it, he probably tops it with a sprinkle. How could I see that flavour of ice cream and not get it for him to try? No matter how much I wanted it all to myself.Β 

Simply Ice Cream

With a teaspoon in hand, as although the little plastic spoons in the lid are good for on the go I’m not a huge fan of potentially getting my fingers sticky at home when I don’t need to – I seem to end up sticking my hand almost inside those little tubs in the conscious effort to get every last bit – I dug in.

The ice cream itself needed a few minutes to melt slightly in the warm of the flat, but once softened, each spoonful came out with ease, a little melted around the edge. The thought of which right now is make my stomach rumble.

Simply Ice Cream

Each spoonful of indulgent ice cream started with a distinct flavour, offering the odd chewy piece, before melting in the mouth and the flavour transforming to more of a subtle creaminess.

A favourite by far, perhaps because I’m still mourning the departure of the festive season (yes even into February) was the Christmas Pudding ice cream. It tasted as though I had a little leftover Christmas pudding, helped by the addition of the little chewy pieces, and had served it with a big dollop of rich, velvety ice cream, each mouthful with more ice cream to pudding. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t sure they’d be able to get the flavour that close to what I experience at my favourite time of year!

Simply Ice Cream

Alex’s favourite, because it’s only right he gets a say in this, was actually theΒ Irish Coffee. The coffee flavour was distinct yet not overpowering, developing slightly as the ice cream melted on your tongue, before dissolving and leaving behind a creamy after taste.

OK so the only downside is that because they’re an artisan brand, they’re not available UK wide yet, but I have high hopes for them! At the moment,Β can find Simply Ice Cream in selected Waitrose/John Lewis Food halls in Bluewater and Oxford Street, Farm Shops, Village Stores, Delis, Pubs, Tea Rooms, Attractions and Restaurants across Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey and London. Trust me they’re worth seeking out.

Have you tried any weird and wonderful ice cream flavours?

Chloe xx

*Simply Ice Cream Ltd. sent me 6 individual portion pots to try. All views my own.