Fruit and Veg.

Some people hate it, I guess to some it could have the marmite effect – vegetables definitely do with my boyfriend! But personally I love all fruit and vegetables – there may be some left out there to try, but I’m pretty open to a new tastebud experience.

This week, the 5-a-day guideline for fruit and veg has been in the news.

Experts are now saying eating seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day is healthier than the  five portions currently recommended.

Bad news for my boyfriend!

Eating seven portions a day was apparently linked to a cut in the risk of dying from cancer and heart disease. However other lifestyle factors could influence this.

It has been said that eating a few portions a day is better than nothing. But this made me start to think about my diet.

Is 7 portions really achievable? I know that’s probably why the government have actually given a 5-a-day guideline. But then when I really thought about it – perhaps if I had salad at lunch, that would increase my intake by 3 or more portions. I already have fruit with my breakfast, and that only leaves three for dinner – EASY right?! But could I do this everyday?

Currently I have a little bit of a thing for porridge with fruit. Might not be the healthiest for me to have for breakfast and lunch everyday but it keeps me happy. And I did used to skip meals, so this is definitely one step in the right direction.

Then yesterday I ate this for lunch:



It was delicious! So next week I’m going to start taking veggies and humus for lunch (reasonably cheap and really healthy) and keep track to see if I can eat 7-a-day…wish me luck!