The week before lastΒ I worked a crazily busy week, 60 hours and Thursday being the first day I left in the light. BUT I loved it.

I’m not saying I could do it every week! Everyone should get a work-life balance, but when duty calls – to put it one way – I love to rise to the challenge and make the most of it.

For anyone else undergoing a manic month, here’s some tips to keep you going:

Sleep! Ok, not at the office desk. If you’re working long hours make sure you unwind and get enough sleep. Try not to work right up to point of drifting into the land of nod or your mind will still be reeling with ‘I need to do this’ or ‘what if this doesn’t get done’.

You might feel you have no time for socializing with friends, but if it’s just a week or two, it’s so much more important to get well rested or you could make yourself ill.

Energy levels and eating regularly – keep your energy levels up, I recently wrote a post on surviving an afternoon slump with some great tips for the whole day too (read it here!).

Eating regularly also really helps keep your blood sugar levels stable, giving you the strength, concentration and motivation to get through the long day.

Have fun! Enjoy your long week, we all know time flies when you’re having fun. So embrace the opportunity to make it enjoyable, get to know colleagues more. I know this sounds silly for one week, but life really is too short. You should live every week aiming to enjoy yourself!

Take mini breaks. Can’t get away for long, go make a cuppa or a coffee, get some water. Taking little breaks from a computer an work can really help! It’s also great for your body – we’re not made to sit still all day!

Treat yourself at the end. Give yourself something to look forward to, after that hard slog all week you definitely deserve it. Make plans with friends or your other half you’ve barely seen and do something you’ve wanted to do for a while. It’ll keep you motivated through the week too, working your way to something exciting.

And there you have it, Chloe’s top tips for a crazy week. Hope they help you get through your week a little better and enjoy it more.

Chloe xx