I wrote quite a while ago about getting up in the morning to start my day the right way – with exercise!

Exercise in the morning gets your metabolism going, it wakes your body up and gets the circulation flowing, in a natural way rather than the dreaded stressed waking up to check your phone – not a great to the day! The way you start your day is said to set the way for the rest of your waking hours – so guys don’t stress yourselves out first thing!

Well summer came and went and I did get up a few times for a run, but it was pretty hard to keep at it. I started getting up early to do situps and stretching instead but found I really needed my sleep (or I just couldn’t get myself to wake up – no motivation!).

Thames in the morning

Some of you might remember this little snap of my view when I went running in the morning – BEAUTIFUL! Thought it would keep me motivated but not to go 3 times a week unfortunately. 

Now I’ve found the best thing for mornings – Pure Gym fitness classes! I book in anywhere up to a week before so it’s a set date, they’re so enjoyable that I want to get up, and because I’ve booked I feel like I have to go! The best bit = they’re included in my gym membership too! With the mornings getting super chilly these days, this also gives me no excuse with the cold as it’s inside. All I have to do is walk 5mins down the road – PERFECT!

I now do this twice/three times a week depending on which classes have spaces when I book, and if I’m staying at home the night before. It’s becoming a much loved habit of mine.

But classes aren’t just great in the mornings – there are some fab evening classes and weekend classes too!

My favourites so far are Legs, Bums and Tums, Pure Core, Tabata and Pure POWER Step. I haven’t tried all the classes though (Obviously…as they run all through the weekdays too), and others do look pretty awesome too!

If your part of a PureGym or have one near you you should definitely check their classes out. 45 mins in the morning is a fab start to the day, and it sure does beat those evenings sat with no plans (ha that makes me sound lonely, but I’m sure we all have a couple!)

Chloe xx

p.s. Sorry for the lack of photos…it’s still dark before my class starts 😛 And I’m sure I don’t look photo-worthy that early!