Spoiler alert – do not read if you’re planning on being absorbed by Gone Girl anytime soon.

Gone Girl

I read gone girl over a couple weeks – yes I took my time. I’m not a fast reader and I do mainly read during my commutes. Perfect time to get sucked into a book! Although watch out not to miss your stop on the bus or tube, you can’t blame your book for being late.

Gone Girl was a fab, infuriating, can’t put down kind of book.

The layout and sections were very well thought out and I enjoyed how the story jumped from time to time – it kept me reading. I wanted to get to the next chapter to find out what was going on at the time of the disappearance or back in the day how Amy had fallen for Nick and how their relationship was. It was always in my mind what was going on during the other time frame. The fact alternating chapters are from the two characters also meant I got to know both sides of a story – even if you are trying hard to piece together what’s happening at the time of disappearance. It gives you a good look into the characters, or so you think.

During the first section of the book I really started to think that Nick was guilty. The way Amy’s diary entries are written and how Nick acts in the present time towards her disappearance and in the year running up to it. It does make you think – How could he get away with it? Surely they’ll find her soon enough…

Then the second section starts. Both accounts are from the present – after the disappearance. Amy’s chapters starting from the day of the disappearance, meaning there is a small time difference between both sides of the story.

Such a twist, I did not see that coming! Amy had runaway and the way she had thought of everything – appearance, the scene at the house, the treasure hunt. She had been planning it all for such a long time, she’d even written seven years of diary entries during her planning – these really had been very convincing of a sensitive, naive, perfect, ‘amazing Amy’!

I started to think what a weirdo. Why not just leave? You start to hear why she did things her way, her family upbringing, ‘Amazing Amy’ books, Nick cheating. In Nick’s accounts he contacts other people from her past who she’s accused of things before and you find out she’s made everything up and done this kind of thing previously. Someone done for stalking and another done for rape – all very well thought out lies. Seriously do people exist like this in reality?

I started to really hate Amy. Yes you can’t like a cheat, and I definitely didn’t like Nick either. I started to feel a little sorry for him as I considered he could go on death row just for cheating but I didn’t like him. When he started playing his game – I really wanted Amy to be caught. I really thought he’d got her.

The third section was infuriating, but I still couldn’t put it down. More lies…
How can she get away with it? Nick scared of a murderer in the house, yet in the end he stays because she makes him him. Some strange relationship! Do relationships like this really exist? Some strange way of living, surely you’d live scared for ever.

The language and way the book is written, as well as the structure – 3 sections and alternating stories work so well in this book. It’s amazingly clever. It convinces you, manipulates your thinking to the way the author wants you to think and then gives you some big twists!

Great story definitely worth reading. I wonder how producers will transform this into a film, intrigued to see the outcome!