Nothing is better than comfortable, right? And let’s face it trainers are comfortable and good for every occasion…well almost. Perhaps a job interview might not be the place or time.

I have been wanting to buy new trainers for ages! I remember last winter being envious of everyone in Nike Air Max, urgently wanting some…to be comfortable, cosy and have something easy I knew I could wear anytime. But living on a budget I would not justify spending about £90 just for this. Flats and my boots I already had would have to do unfortunately 🙁

Well finally, I have some new babies.

I popped in to JD Sports to view the January sale and look at this AWESOME find:

New Balance Trainers

New Balance Trainers

The inside cushion of the trainer is soft but not too much. They fit really well to the sole of my foot giving support and making them extremely comfortable.

The only problem  I encountered is that JD sports don’t do half sizes…and I’m awkward! So I’m hoping mine will give a tiny bit, but they’re alright really.

They are so comfortable (I had to put this in again! They really are!) and go with almost everything – Not quite worn them with my dresses yet 😛 – But I don’t ever want to take them off! Being quite active and very much into fitness I like to be comfortable in my free time, and even some days at work – Luckily I have quite a laid back office dress code unless we have client meetings. They’re also so much better than some of my boots and flats at supporting my knees and legs whilst walking 🙂 Need to look after myself!

I would definitely recommend New Balance trainers if your looking to buy a new pair…or even considering adding to a collection 😛 They have so many different colours too, so I’m sure they’ll have a colour to suit pretty much everybody’s taste!

Chloe xx