Yes I’m back in the fitness phase! Truly motivated to get fit and toned!

Sunday Alex and I went to the gym – one day together spending time alone and yes we went to the gym. But was a great session! We were both motivated, got through our own sessions and then Alex helped me with what I should work on to tone my upper body – mainly arms, shoulders and back.

It was great to have a personal trainer! I’ve always considered getting one, but I never have whether it be because money or not wanting to end up with some strange person haha – yeah I’m probably being silly, but would prefer someone I know and even better for it to be my boyfriend! He knows just how hard to push me but not overdo it 🙂

I really enjoyed myself! – I know what you’re thinking, AT THE GYM?!. But yes! This is where I must say thanks Pure Gym for offering a day pass making it so much easier to do this!

I set a goal to be able to do 5pull ups by the end of the year – god help me! And I truly ache today, my shoulders, bingo wings and all! So my workout obviously worked, well fingers crossed it’s starting to!

Alex and I have said we’ll have one gym sesh together a month, wahooo! So now to remember everything he told me to do so I can be better and stronger before next months sesh.

Wish me luck guys!

Chloe xx