16days to go.

You know what, I am a little nervous. Actually I am really nervous and a little scared.

Half marathons (for first timers) sure know how to make the nerves suddenly appear. And with the Wimbledon one mentioning people should be hill training as the course has inclines, my knees are (in my mind) shaking a little.

You can partially see why people pull out at the last minute.

I know deep down I can do it though!

I’m running 10miles ish every week, and I’m training at the gym during the week – doing tempo runs and building overall fitness. It’s not just about how far you can run, you need to improve all over fitness (yes I was told this by a fitness instructor, not making things up as I go) and strength to limit the damage you could do to your body. Knees are always a bit of a tender point for me, so overall strength and muscle is important so I don’t do damage beyond repair stopping me from my other sporty life goals (so much to achieve!).

I’m ready for it, just about. Okay I do need to increase my distance, and I am hoping that the adrenaline on the day of my half marathon will push me further, but I have the drive needed! I have the push to reach my goal and raise money for a cause so close to heart (The Haemophilia Society – www.justgiving.com/Chloe-Hutchinson)

Saturday the big countdown begins. Two weeks to ensure I am fit enough and prepared mentally for this great achievement. Bring it on!