As you all know, it’s coming up to the second biggest celebrated occasion of the year – Halloween!

Yeah you heard right – Halloween is getting more and more popular every year, with it now falling just behind Christmas in terms of being a reason to party! The American tradition has really taken over.

Get your white sheets, ripped clothes, face paints and crazy contact lenses ready, as with Halloween falling on a weekend this year – it’s set to be a big one.

But with so much going on in London, and everyone offering a different twist to a Haunted Spooktacular evening, it’s always so hard to decide where to go and where to even start to research. So here’s my round-up of my favourite options for this year:

Halloween at the Jam Tree – Clapham & Chelsea

Jam Tree Halloween

This Halloween The Jam Tree are inviting guests to re-live some of the most haunting horror films of our time, in two brilliant and utterly spine-chilling parties, Silence of the Jams and Nightmare on Jam Street, both happening on Saturday 31st October.

On the spookiest night of the year Silence of the Jams will be returning to The Jam Tree Clapham, where for one night only, the vibrant interior of the venue will be converted into a spine-tingling house of horrors. Likewise, The Jam Tree Chelsea will be converted into a Freddie Kruger lair for their Nightmare on Jam Street party. An array of delicious yet gruesome cocktails will be on offer, with special guest DJs providing a perfect soundtrack of spooky and popular hits.

Guests will be encouraged to dress the part, and can even pay a visit to a specialist team of make-up artists who will be on hand throughout the evening to perfect the guest’s haunting outfits. The Jam Tree will also be giving out prizes to the best male and female costumes of the evening.

Time: 9pm – 2am

Price: FREE!

Bourne & Hollingsworth – Terror on the Thames

Bourne & Hollingsworth Terror on the Thames

Taking place on Saturday 31st October, Bourne & Hollingsworth’s’ Terror on the Thames’ Party is set to unveil all of the gruesome on goings of the 19th Century.

Claimed to be not for the faint hearted, Terror on the Thames will reenact some of the most twisted Victorian tales. From bloodied skirts on Petticoat lane and unorthodox dissections in Bleeding Heart Yard, to murderous split personalities in Hyde Park and werewolf sightings on the Isle of Dogs, this party will celebrate London’s darkest moments in Victorian history and literature.

Held in a riverside archway venue underneath Waterloo Bridge, guests will be invited to play a life size game of ‘Operation’, participate in a Dorian Gray life drawing class, recline in the licentious cavern and dance the night away in a series of death waltzes. A makeup stand will create gruesome looks,while  the barber chair photo booth will be a guaranteed hair raising experience.

Dress code: Take on Victorian horror. Ladies, make sure your corsets and hoop skirts come equipped with smelling salts and gentlemen, a silk top hat and cloak may help elude the peelers.

Time: 8pm – 2am

Tickets: £25

Cargo – Creatures of Cargo!

This is one of my favourite clubs for friday/saturday night boogie, whether with a group of friends or for date night out, I’ve never been disappointed with the music – I love hip hop and R’n’B, old Skool or present, it always guarantees a good night!

On 31st October, Cargo will be home to all manner of creatures, witches, goblins and zombies.

With a line up of their popular resident DJs, playing from 6pm until 6am – Yeah you read that right, a night long of terror-ific dance moves – Cargo will feature Zombie Stilt Walkers, Magicians, Gothic Ballerinas, Contortionist and much more! There’s also a prize for best dressed!

Time: 6pm – 6am

Price: Free until 9pm/second release tickets £20 (avail. now)/third release £25 – so be quick!

Proud – Proud Slaughter House

Many moons ago, Proud Camden was a Horse Hospital in the Heart of the Stables Market, treating horses worked to the bone pulling barges on the canal. The rumours rife that the doctors of the old hospital were engaging in cult practices, treating the sickly horses as their test subjects, using the vulnerable animals during demonic experimentations.

Historical documents report that a huge fire ended this. The legend says that every year at the end of October, one can hear the sound of neighs, hoofs and Masichistic laughs coming from the Stables. The whole horse hospital comes back to life, doomed to live again these gloomy times haunting the building that keeps them trapped from the afterlife.

This Halloween,  Proud Camden draws on its heritage to serve up a horror show like no other…promising a double-trouble night with a programme of forward thinking DJs, spine-chilling visions, blood-curdling entertainers and shrill screaming, the venue will transform with a décor that brings to life the cursed hospital.

Price: £20 (Tickets highly recommended, as sells out)

Bourne & Hollingsworth – Dark Circus

Bourne & Hollingsworth are also holding a Dark Circus themed evening at a secret location, to be announced two weeks before the event.

Unfortunately tickets are already sold out to this incredible party, but I had to give it a mention…look how cool it looks – Hoping they do another next year!

Bourne & Hollingsworth Dark Circus

Bourne & Hollingsworth Dark Circus

I hope this has helped!

Where are you venturing this year?

Chloe xx

P.s. Not too sure I’ll be able to out do last years costume no matter where I choose…. Halloween costume