The day after a night out you always wake up a bit worse for wear.

I didn’t get too drunk – I even stayed awake on the bus on the way home, but the morning after my last night out was no different…perhaps amplified by the fact that I’d mixed drinks and drank wine too (I always seem to suffer after wine, but never learn – it just makes such a difference to the purse and how much money I get to bring back if I drink wine). Note to self: I really need to learn to drink water before bed too!

So after finally dragging ourselves out of bed and showering we had to decide on where to eat. Heading Central as Heather had a Saturday night shift we chose Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Soho.


Inside it was so nice. Brick walls, wooden floors, a big black board up on the wall with the specials, and the tables along the walls were pretty cool – you were sat in like a zig zag. The staff were also so friendly!



Sorry about the mess, I only remembered to take a photo after- getting my priorities right…filling my hungover tummy first!

We got to sit on the tables down the side and were given a menu. For people who hadn’t been before (like us) they even explained how everything worked!



There were so many burger options, and you could even have naked burgers where they change the bun for salad and coleslaw, which is great to have the option for gluten free people! Once decided on food and drink (this didn’t take too long – we were both starving and wanting to feel more human again) I went to the bar to order.

They gave me glasses once ordered and told me to help ourselves to the nuts whilst waiting.


Drinks were brought to our table – strawberry and elderflower fizz. They were so tasty. Perhaps a little sweet for some- but there are a number of options on flavours for the fizz. It was definitely helping me get a bit more hydrated. And it was refillable which is perfect when you know you want to drink lots but not spend an extortionate amount.


Food came pretty quick. Heather had the cajun blue chicken burger and I had a delicious ‘billy the kid’ – goats cheese and aubergine’. I’m not a vegetarian but I love a good veggie option! We both also had sweet potato fries which came in some cute tea cups.

Our food looked amazing!



It obviously didn’t stay like that for long. I have to say though, when I’m eating out I never really know the proper etiquette of eating a burger, so I cut mine into 6 and ate the little parts as not to have the whole thing in my hands. This seemed to work well.

All the food was delicious, and definitely helped with the hangover! Goats cheese and aubergine is fantastic combination, and such a nice option compared to the normal bean patty a lot of places serve. The sweet potato fries were crunchy but delicious and soft in the middle – it’s making my mouth water now remembering them! Heather loved her burger too. It’s no surprise that plates were left empty.

Heather was debating dessert before we got there, but we were definitely unable to manage this now. We carried on drinking our fizzes.

It was pretty busy and people were constantly coming in and out, but we didn’t feel rushed to leave – although we did leave not too long after to head to the shops.

Such a great restaurant, and hangover cure. I recommend this place to anyone indecisive on where to go in Central to eat. At only Β£15 each for our meal out, it’s definitely worth a trip!