Buckbeak, Fang, Dumbledore, Dobby – Just some of the much loved characters and creatures from the world of Harry Potter, the fictional story which has SO many worldwide fans.

I never used to be a huge fan of Harry, Ron and Hermione – I know, what was I thinking? – but that all changed when Alex decided I should watch the entire film set, and I was in awe….just like everyone else I was gripped and loving it. If only we grew up with Hogwarts as an option for school! 

With me turned into a big fan, we both couldn’t wait to visit the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour together. As it’s near Watford it’s super easy from London and the Harry potter shuttle bus is pretty quick and simple too, departing just outside the station.

We had to queue to get in even though we booked a time – it’s just SO popular – so it took about 30 mins until we were surrounded by Harry Potter sets, costumes, masks and all the inside goss.

After being introduced and watching a short film clip from behind the scenes of the Harry potter set, we started in the great hall – it was incredible! Even though the ceiling and certain parts were created by CGI in the films,  just being on the set where many of the major scenes were shot was amazing. In the great hall they also had costumes from the different houses – my favourite obviously griffindor!

 We then made our way around the rest of the tour by ourselves, learning the secrets behind the makeup, tech, costumes and sets – how they made the cast fly on broomsticks and how quidditch works, getting to see the golden snitch, the many wands and even the new addition, the Hogwarts Express.

The technology and makeup was incredible – how they created some of the characters and props in the Harry potter movies is just mind blowing.

We stopped halfway through the tour to grab some lunch and some butterbeer. I had the soup and Alex the pulled pork burger, both along with the drinks went down well.

There are so many photo opportunities, and those where staff take photos for you to buy so you can take away great memories too. Although we stuck to our own photography even if not quite the same to make it a little cheaper. 

If you’re a Harry Potter fan too this really is not to be missed! Believe me, you have to go for a day out to the tour .. Your mind will be blown, you’ll be amazed and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did!

This was a belated birthday day out – how lucky was I?

Where was your last day out?

Chloe xx