January hit – New Years resolutions were in.

Yes getting fit obviously was among my new years resolutions. But at the same time it wasn’t.

You see, my new years resolutions were to do something new every month. That’s different to what I’ve done previous years.

Being Healthy and Fit is just the same ideal, another year running.

So once Christmas was over, and now I am in a full time job (which I still love!), I evaluated my lifestyle and decided it was time to up my exercise, which I was ashamed to say had definitely slipped since working 7days a week and not having the money to go to fitness classes. Over Christmas I had been pretty spoilt too, being cooked breakfast and having dinner made for me, I did eat more than I normally would.

With still a tight budget I decided to start running again. I love running. I hated PE at school, but since leaving sixth form 4 years ago, I grew a new fondness for the fresh air, the adrenaline caused by a great run, and frustration you can take out whilst striding to the beat of a good tune.

I started using my running app, Nike+ Running, again on my iPhone so I could track how far I ran, and how fast I was running.

The app is great! It links to my music so I can create playlists for running, it tracks where I am running through GPS, and I can pause if I need a quick breather (or if there is a really busy road I need to cross which I don’t want affecting my running time – Yes I am a little obsessed!). It also saves all my runs so I know how far, where and when I ran last time or two months ago!

20140120-215729.jpg 20140120-215736.jpg 20140120-215743.jpg

It is my third week this week, running twice a week. I have already improved between weeks 1 and 2, from 3.6 miles to 4.3 miles easily (I don’t even ache the day after, which is a little annoying as I like to know I’ve worked hard! That may make me a little weird, but I don’t mind everyone knowing!) , and I have set myself targets for this week – starting tomorrow.

Eventually I want to be able to run a half marathon; my goal is by the end of September – Wish me luck!

I have learnt a few things which I wanted to pass on:

  1. Listening to music does really motivate you, as long as its the right music. Make playlists but include upbeat music with a good beat – perhaps something you enjoy singing along to (just maybe not whilst you’re out running)
  2. If you like to know how far you’ve run, how fast and roughly how many calories you’ve burnt, I would recommend Nike+ Running!
  3. When out running, give yourself targets, and if you need to don’t be embarrassed to stop! Running up the hill towards Angel station in London has been a killer for me! I have had to stop a couple times just for a minute to catch my breath before getting back to it. Eventually I want to be able to rule this out – but everyone has to start somewhere.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to other runners! As I said everyone has to start somewhere. Some people may run faster than you and may overtake you – how do you know if they’re running as far? They might only be going for a quick sprint or they might be doing interval running. And don’t judge how far you can run compared to what others say they can or have run – you’ll get there with training!
  5. Just go for it! The more you think about it, the more daunting it becomes. I bet you’ll surprise yourself, as I did on my first run this year!

I am loving being back into running! My trainers are already ready for tomorrow…