How many coffee shops can you name? If you can just name the big 5 or so..then you’re missing out on some little beauties!

I’m not saying that the big chains aren’t great, because I do love a Costa or a Starbucks every now and then (Starbucks have a pistachio and rose mocha on the menu at the moment which is really good!), but there are so many little boutique coffee shops you should really explore.

One of my colleagues at work has a coffee shop list – a growing list of all the little coffee places she wants to visit, some more well known than others. Several are close to where we work so I’ve joined in exploring these cute little hidden spots, which helps us to get out of the office at least once a week. I’ve really got into it – loving discovering the hidden shops/bakeries down cobbled back streets, behind the busy tourist spots and trying something new.

Last week we went a place I thought I should definitely share with you. Bageriet – a super cute, little Swedish bakery hidden away on a cobbled back street between Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

Bageriet (3)

We popped along at the end of lunch, so about 1.30/2pm ish, and it wasn’t too busy (which is nice for central London). Tempted by the cakes – well who wouldn’t be when they’re all set out like that? – we had a quick browse at what they served before ordering a hot chocolate and a latte. They had some tasters out for a ginger-y cookie which was delicious, making it even harder to resist the sweet treats.

Bageriet (2)

I also spotted that they sell sandwiches, bread, bags of meringues, and sweet biscuits too, all of which looked so good. I think I might have to go back when I know I’m entertaining, otherwise I’d definitely eat too many 😛

Bageriet London

I wouldn’t say I’m a coffee expert, but I am a little fussy. It can’t be too strong or too bitter. This latte was delicious, creamy and the coffee was smooth. The hot chocolate tasted divine too, creamy and a little rich yet just the right size.

The bakery is pretty small, so seating is limited but it didn’t look too much of an issue at that time. It could be busier over lunchtime though so do be prepared, but we both would highly recommend this a boutique spot to try out. It has some seriously tasty looking food, some delicious hot drinks and the Bageriet team are really friendly which is always nice!

Have you found any hidden gems?

Keep an eye out for the next little treasure I find.

Chloe xx