I’m going to be an Auntie!

I found out a few weeks ago, sworn to secrecy until the 12 week scan milestone, yet all I wanted to do was tell everyone. Shout it from the rooftops in fact!

Obviously excitement came top of the list of emotions – so much excitement!

friends excited

But when you’re almost 25, living in London and focusing on a career, living life to the full, and you find out your younger sister is having a baby, other feelings have surfaced too…

A feeling that I should be growing up.

shaking head

I was confused for a short time about I wanted from life or where I wanted to be – not wanting to be too far away or miss anything.


I was scared that everyone’s growing up and things are obviously going to change – even though I know that comes with life anyway.

scared 2

But obviously I was SO happy for my little sis.

happy 2

She’s one of my bestest friends and I know she always will be – nothing is going to change that. I’m so pleased she’s settled and is truly happy and in love. What’s more her bf is a great guy too, I couldn’t wish for anyone better for her, and that really is a big thing in life.

I actually can’t wait to be auntie – obviously I’m going to try and be the coolest auntie ever! haha. That little guy/girl is going to be SO loved!

My little sis is actually starting up her diary of her journey over at youmebabyb.wordpress.com if you want to check it out.

Are you an auntie or uncle? How did it feel when you found out?

Chloe xx