A couple weeks back I got to apply for priority tickets for Got To Dance through Applause Store. I was pretty excited but didn’t want to get my hopes up too much as the last time we went along, we queued for ages and were 6 behind the cut-off point. Devastating! – especially for Alex who’d gotten up after an hour in bed as he fell asleep on the bus on the way home from a night out haha

We got the email through with our priority passes, I luckily already had the day off and Alex got to finish early. We turned up at Earls Court Two before the time they had said and queued…as we had priority tickets we didn’t have to wait long and soon exchanged our printed voucher for two tickets.

We were instructed to return at 5.30 for the live shows. I must admit I was half expecting it to be pre-recorded as they’d asked us to get there for 1.45 latest, so we had to change our plans from watching the Arsenal match in the evening. Although I obviously gave Alex the choice. I know, how thoughtful eh? ha

Returning at 5.30 we were back to queuing and slowly moving inside. We grabbed some food to snack on from the shop inside Earls Court Two – the wedges were actually pretty tasty, nicely seasoned! – and headed to our seats.

The seats were fab, great view, the only thing I would say if you’re going to a show like Got To Dance prepare yourself for the screams from the smallest members of the audience, can be slightly ear piercing!

IMG_1062.JPGThe guy who welcomed the audience and did most of the presenting off-screen was awesome! He really got the crowd going – we had dance offs between the two sides of the audience, people were winning free t-shirts, he was throwing Haribo out to the children, and he kept this up whilst also directing the audience before some of the pre-recording and during the breaks. He really did an amazing job and made it so much more fun!

The live show started at 7.30. We all had to be seated but were told to cheer and boo when we felt appropriate. It was getting excited.

All of the acts were ASTOUNDING! My faves were Nicholas Marvel, Dan-I and Sia and Duplic8. I watched in awe – If only I could be that amazing at dancing! The routine by Dan-I and Sia was incredible – their chemistry and the way they moved, just AWESOME! It was so much better than I’d expected – I’m a bit of a hiphop fanatic, I blame Alex for my conversion! 

The breaks always went quick, and we were soon on to the performance by Adam Garcia. His tap dancing was sensational, he wowed the audience and I loved the routine!

We did leave a little before the end, so we could miss the tube rush and make it back for the end of the Arsenal game 😛

All together the dancing on Wednesday evening was extremely inspiring and incredible! I loved the evening and would definitely recommend applying for audience tickets through applause store – fab, fun experience and FREE!


Would love to hear about any other shows you would recommend to go and watch!

Chloe xx