The other night after dinner, we were craving frozen yoghurt. Ok so this was my fault as yoghurt was what I wanted for dinner, but Alex wouldn’t let me just have yoghurt and fruit, so it got him thinking about dessert.

However, it had been raining, and samba swirl was a little bit of a distance to go in the cold and wet so we had to settle with a supermarket trip and mission to find the one thing we wanted – Frozen Yoghurt.

Luckily, we actually ended up with options. I know, with local stores and shops, you don’t normally get this little luxury when it comes to frozen yoghurt. I felt very lucky!

We settled for two little pots of Snog (still love the name, I think it’s so well thought out!) , Alex had the summer berry, and I had the blue berry acai burst.




£1.77 each, fruity, full of flavour, moreish and even Alex said he’d like it again (quite normally an ice-cream kinda guy – I think I’m turning him!).
I think these little pots of FroYo are the perfect substitute to a frozen yoghurt parlour, for all those situations when it’s too cold, wet, windy, too far, too late and so on.

So there’s my verdict. If you’re now craving some yourself, especially now the weather is nice and warm, the snog website even tells you where you can get it – I know what you’re thinking, super handy!