The weekend before last, ready and raring to go in my gym kit, I joined 374 others at Wandsworth Common to take part in breaking a Guiness World Record – the most amount of people doing jump squats in one place – and it was awesome!

Ok so I’ve had a bit of a thing about world records. My boyfriend was in the Guiness World Record book when he was younger, with a group of friends, breaking the record for the highest Jenga tower in the quickest time. Claim to fame eh? Always goes down well in his bit about himself! I really wanted to be involved in one so when I found out about this, with my pretty big interest in sport/fitness, I thought it was perfect!

The session was run in line with National Outdoor Fitness Day, by the British Military Fitness team. There was a warmup, getting us all limbered up, then the record challenge, followed by a free hour session. From start to finish it was so well organised!

Ally came with me, as both of us are non-members we had to sign a health questionnaire first and then made our way to where everyone was gathering – jogging, star jumping and press up-ing to warm up – each group of about 24 led by an instructor, so there was no problems hearing orders. It was great fun.

British military Fitness World Record


My view of everyone gathering – so many bibs!British military Fitness - World Record attemptPhoto of everyone getting prepared for the World Record at Wandsworth Common – Photo from British Military Fitness

The world record itself was over so quick – 1 min squat jumps seems a long time (especially when you’re used to 20min intervals with HIIT training) but you’re focussing so much on keeping going that you don’t notice it fly by.

At the end we all cheered, they did a final count and then most stayed for the free British Military Fitness Class too.

An hour of fun with your group of 20 or so. There were a range of activities where we went into groups of twos, threes and fours – relays, relays including push-ups and sit-ups at the furthest point, piggybacking including abs work – it was so varied and enjoyable. Everyone being in the same position, having to pair up or group off made you meet others too – not always something you do going to a fitness class!

At the end I couldn’t believe an hour was over, I was obviously enjoying myself too much! Ally and I said goodbye to others we’d met that day, headed to collect our things ( where they kept our bags was super organised and felt safe too!) and picked up a goody bag which everyone received after the session.

British Military Fitness class

Ally and I with our instructor after our British military Fitness class – If you’re not sweaty, you haven’t worked hard enough!

I am so pleased I got up on Saturday – not always the easiest thing after client drinks on a Friday night. We had so much fun and what’s more, we even ached in all the right places Sunday! We’re definitely looking into going more often!

Have you taken part in any world records?

Chloe xx