At work at the moment we are going through some brainstorming for campaigns and such like, to wow and get something amazing down as new ideas for this year.

Trawling through our brains, listening to the cogs working, and putting together the bits and pieces we already had from experience, in an hour and half lunch meeting/session (well the research before the lunch meeting definitely made up to a lot longer than an hour and a half, but we collaborated for over an hour), brought together a few pretty good ideas. BUT we wanted spectacular creations – Not some good ideas that would do the job!

So during an afternoon in the middle of last week we took a lovely office outing to the Design Museum, to soak up some inspiration and get the creative juices flowing.

At the moment, the exhibition which is taking place is the Paul Smith Exhibition – It was outstanding.

Walking down the main room and the walls were covered with pictures that he had collected over the years. I could have stood and stared at them all day.


There was one wall which did not fail to attract me and my colleague – a wall I would love to replicate one day if I really could. It was full of coloured buttons..Absolutely full, from top to bottom. And it was a decent sized wall (The picture below is only about a quarter of it).


There was an example of Paul Smith’s office too. A room filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful keepsakes, pictures, random collections – all to help with the inspiration. An office like that would be fantastic – although I may be inclined to feel like it was a little messy if it was mine.


I won’t tell you anymore, but if you’re in London you must go see it!

I was so pleased to get to go to the Design Museum. Along with the new experience (one of my New Years Resolutions – to try something new every month), it also showed me just how much it really makes a difference getting out of the office to go and experience something else to help soak up some inspiration (obviously relating to what you are doing in some way – even if not clear. I believe art can be inspiration for for many things).

As much as I love the thought of having an office like Paul Smith’s, I think that perhaps I should leave that to the artists, and stick with going to exhibitions/galleries/museums/wherever I think best to get my inspiration – which I will do in my own time too. I think you need inspiration for many things in life, work only being one; And with all of these new experiences to come, I’m hoping I will be full of creativity and new ingenious ideas.