Wow that came round speedy! February, I know you’re a shorter month but where did you go?

First minute I was writing about what I was looking forward to, next minute it’s time to say “white rabbits with pink eyes” three times to welcome March open armed – a tradition my pop (great grandfather) passed down which I make sure I do every month! 

But March is set to be one of the best months. I have so many plans already that I’m excited about. Here’s what’s coming up:

Pilates – I’m finally getting round to giving it a whirl. About time right? First session next week at Body Control pilates, so keep our eyes peeled for the verdict.


I wonder how different it’ll be too yoga?

Lucy’s Birthday – A night out with such a fun group of friends in Shoreditch, one of my fave spots! Bring on the hiphop.


Number 90 Bar & Kitchen’s party (17-20 March) –  the stunning canal-side venue in Hackney Wick, is throwing a huge four-day long party to celebrate it’s 2nd birthday. There are set to be DJs, bands, performers, live art installations, food stalls and let’s not forget the cocktails. What’s more, it’s free to attend 🙂 I’m definitely going along so keep an eye out for that, but I’ve already heard good things so you should go along yourself too if you can, it sounds like it’s set to be a fab long weekend!


Even more partying!

Easter – For me, it’s not really about the chocolate and I forgot to give up anything for lent –  I know how bad am i? – It’s more about the long weekend! Wahhoooo. And what’s better it falls inline with…

My Birthday! – I’m turning the big 2-5 at the end of March.eeee exciting and scary, I mean 25! How old? A five day weekend, with my birthday day off work too, gives plenty of time to celebrate over and over. First stop a visit home 🙂 We’ll be celebrating a joint Mother’s Day and Birthday, aren’t we cute?


Food – obviously. Every month I have to indulge the foodie side of my brain, the side that says “pleases sir, can I have some more?”


What are you looking forward to this month?

Chloe xx