A couple of weeks ago I went to see ‘Into the Hoods’ remixed with Alex. A theatre production by ZooNation Dance Company, which follows the story of a little boy and girl who get lost in the woods and stumble upon the ‘Ruff Endz Estate’.  Through their adventure, and challenge to collect a number of items to be able to get home, they meet DJ Spinderella, wannabe singer Lil Red, rapper Rap On Zel, budding music producer Jaxx (who lives in the basement :P) and Wolf.

Whilst the dancers don’t speak, the production is narrated which helps you to follow the story line easily.

‘Into the Hoods’ was amazing from start to finish. The script was really clever, and I found myself laughing numerous times at the jokes, play on words and general personalities of the characters – even without words!

The dancing was incredible, with every cast member being outstanding with their different styles – I think I was sat in awe the whole way through the performance! My favourite character though had to be Lil Red, who made me EXTREMELY jealous of her skills! Her whole attitude, style and confidence was enviable.

Alex loved it so much that when he got offered a ticket by one of his friends to see the production again, he snapped it up!

‘Into the Hoods’ has unfortunately finished showing in London now, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next ZooNation performance.

It’s definitely given me the theatre bug, not that I needed reminding how good an evening production can be, but it made me yearn for more. I’ve got my eyes on quite a few theatre shows at the moment, as there’s just so much going on in London!

I’ve trawled through the theatre booking sites, and here’s my wishlist for the top 5 theatre shows I desperately want to see:


Boxoffice.co.uk - Aladdin

The minute I saw that this was coming to theatres, it made its way to the top of my wishlist! I can’t wait to see how they transform this classic Disney film into a theatre production – after all, everyone loves Disney right? I’m already wondering what cool tricks and illusions will be featured, what the stage set will look like, how they’ll portray a flying carpet, and list goes on…

I’m sure you probably already know the story, but just in case:

“Aladdin takes us to the city of Agrabah and it is amongst its rooftops that we meet the title character, stealing food to avoid starving and putting him at odds with local law enforcement. Recruited by the evil sorcerer Jafar into finding a magic lamp, he ventures into a cave and discovers the genie, who grants him three wishes. As the story progresses he turns the tide on Jafar, hoping to save Agrabah and win the heart of Princess Jasmine.” – Boxoffice.co.uk 

I can’t wait to sing along to ‘A Whole New World’! Don’t worry, I’ll lip sing…don’t want to be cracking any glasses now do I? haha 

MoTown the Musical

Boxoffice.co.uk - Motown

I went to see Memphis a little while ago now, which was set in America in the same time period, and it was incredible. So when I saw that Motown had come over from America, it soon whizzed it’s way onto my theatre wishlist!

Based in the 1950s, Motown the musical tells the story of Berry Gordy, the man behind Motown, the successful record label which launched some of the biggest names of the 20th century. The musical follows Berry as he goes from starting out with little, just a huge dream, to becoming the man who discovered world stars like Stevie Wonder.

Dream Girls

Boxoffice.co.uk - Dream Girls

Dream Girls tells the story of The Dreams, an all-girl group from Chicago who are on their way to the top, and follows their highs and lows as they battle their way through the tough R&B music industry.

Yet another musical set in the time period I love – 1960s America. It’s also based around the R&B music industry, which is one of my fave styles of music. I can imagine coming away from this musical feeling uplifted, yet blown away – it’s bound to be powerful and leave a lasting impression.

Can we go now? I could do with something uplifting to give me that Friday Feeling? 

The Bodyguard

Boxoffice.co.uk - BodyGuard

I’ve been recommended this theatre production numerous times yet I still haven’t been. I know, how could I not have been, right? 

The Bodyguard, based on the hit film, follows Frank Farmer, a bodyguard assigned to protect the singer Rachel Marron, and the romance which blossoms between the two.

There’s something about a romance in theatre, you just can’t beat.

I saw Beverley Knight in Memphis too, and she was utterly incredible. She definitely doesn’t disappoint, so I’m sure she’ll be completely smashing this role too!


I watched Matilda, the film, so many times when I was little I could probably still recite almost every line of the script. At one point, I even believed I could be like Matilda, pointing and staring at things around my room, wishing them to move even the tiniest bit! Wasn’t this what all the girls did? 😛

I’m sure you all know the story line, right? No…I’m disappointed…

The Roald Dahl story follows Matilda, a girl with extraordinary intellect and powers, as she goes through her family struggles and attempts to punish all those who deserve it, at such a young age.

I’ve already heard so many fantastic reviews of the musical, one of my colleagues has even been THREE times! I really have to go.


What’s top of your wishlist? Have you seen any of the above?

Chloe xx

*This is a post in partnership with Boxoffice.co.uk. All views are my own, and the whole piece has been written by me.