I used to LOVE trampolining when I was at school. In fact, it was the ONLY sport I looked forward to during high school. It’s not that I’m not a team player, it’s just until after I left for sixth form I hated sport altogether and this was the only one I was anywhere near good at. Plus no one had to rely on me having a decent aim, throwing in the right direction, kicking a ball hard enough or running fast enough haha. 

Now trampolining has turned into a nationwide craze, with numerous trampoline parks having opened across the UK. Eager to indulge my inner 15year old, I recently booked Alex and I tickets for Oxygen Freejumping, the trampoline park in Acton, for a date night adventure.
And an adventure it was…
The park isn’t too far from West Acton station, and it’s also pretty close to Park Royal. I’d booked us on for a 7pm session on a Friday to let off some steam and welcome the weekend with arms wide open. We turned up early as recommended, registered and signed in, and changed in the toilets (there aren’t any changing rooms, so do go ready to jump). We slipped on our special trampoline socks which came in a sexy bright yellow, and popped our things in one the lockers – You don’t need change or locks as they’re mechanically code operated which is fab.
We then headed to the induction room, were shown a short health and safety video before being let loose in the indoor park.
First thoughts – it was massive! With a double runway with a massive inflatable cushion area for flipping, an area for learning techniques and tricks, a dodge ball court, an area with two trampolines and basket ball hoops, a foam pit with rope swings and balance beams (where you can also test your balance with a game like they played in the old gladiator series, both on a balance beam with a punchbag, hitting each other until the first falls), and 3 freerunning trampoline areas. I was in absolute awe.Oxygen Freejumping, trampolining, London
 We started on the trampoline area at the back, getting to grips with how bouncy the trampolines were and learning the best way to travel across them, before trying out every section.
This was my best move 😉 hahaha 
The foam pit was hilarious, and so difficult to get out of. We swung, balanced and climbed our way around before trying out the gladiator game.
Gladiator, ready…. Alex was first to fall. I felt so proud. He got back up and I was soon down in the pit. Best of three…and I was soon to lose. But not until after we’d laughed SO much!
We both tried our hand at slam dunking with the basket ball area. Alex loved this bit. Perhaps he was trying to pretend he was in his favourite childhood film, Space Jam 😉 I can’t say he got really good at it though hahaha. 
Dodgeball was just as funny. Getting tired at this point it was hard to stay out of the way of ball, and I have to say there were so many times that I jumped to get out of the way and actually moved right into the path of the ball. So funny and yet a great way to vent your frustrations, unless you’re getting hit way more than your target!
Oxygen Freejumping, trampolining, London
 We spent quite a bit of time in the free running sections. In these there were trampolines of different sizes, some for jumping across, others longer which made them perfect for back drops, seat drops and flips. There were also trampolines diagonally positioned on the walls so you could jump onto them and back off, as well as a platform in the middle for rolling or jumping over, made for moves like when you see people in movies jump over car bonnets, etc. Alex was a natural, building speed, bouncing off walls, he made it look cool and so easy.
How cool and easy does he make it look? Jealous much?
My first attempt at jumping on the wall ended with me flat on my back, laughing hysterically at my first attempt. And my roll over the middle platform… well just call be double O Clo … or maybe not. It was hilarious, and got us both laughing so much.
The session lasts for an hour, which goes pretty quickly but it’s also so tiring. Apparently you burn 68% more calories doing a trampoline workout compared to running, so that’s how tiring it is, but it’s SO much fun.
It was a great idea for date night. Helping us to let off steam, laugh at each other but also help each other in a way.
At only £12.50 for an hour session, it’s also a really good price for London. You do need to buy special trampoline socks for £2 the first time you go, but you can keep these for subsequent visits. You can book easily on their website, and find answers to any questions you might have too.
We had such a fantastic time, we’re definitely going back and highly recommend you try it out too! You won’t regret it, trust me!
What’s been your favourite date night recently?
Chloe xx