Crazy golf and mini golf always remind me of holiday. I think apart from one time when visiting one of the besties in Bristol, it’s the only time I ever play it!

Yet recently it appears to have become a new craze in London’s social scene, with several pop-ups and a permanent residency opening in the city, to offer us Londoners something different to do.

Alex and I decided to try one of the new spots out for date night the other week. Myself, promising not to have a strop halfway round from pure frustration at putting the ball, booked us two tickets for Junkyard Golf which is currently housed in Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.Junkyard GolfIn case you don’t know – Junkyard golf has three, nine-hole courses, created from things you’d find in the junkyard, from old jacuzzis, to treadmills, slides and wendy houses. It’s all set in the basement of one of the buildings, where the walls are covered in graffiti and artwork which definitely adds to the overall feel and atmosphere!Junkyard GolfWe turned up quarter of an hour early, prepared in our sensible shoes and East London suitable clothes (Well I feel you do need to look a little cool in the east end 😛), we signed in, grabbed our golf clubs and balls, and headed straight to the bar.Junkyard Golf (9)A great thing about this new craze is that they all seem to be tapping into the foodie culture too, offering a range of drinks and cocktails, and delicious food! So you could make it into a full evening out.

We grabbed a frozen margarita from Tony’s Toxic Tiki Bar and headed off to get started on our selected course – FRANK.

Having read the rules – main thing is that you can’t go over 8 on each hole, which kind of helps with the pride 😉 and perhaps helps prevent stropping and tantrums too – we queued for the first hole and got ourselves mentally prepared for the competition which was about to unfold. Well, we do get super competitive when we go up against each other! 

The whole way round the course there are spots to pop your drinks, so don’t worry about having too much to hold. You can unload before taking those all important shots!

The holes were all really creatively named, some absolutely hilarious. I loved it. Hole 1 was:Junkyard GolfHole 1 left me behind by 3, only due to the 8 shot max, so I was certain this was going to set the tone for the whole course, Alex laughing at me as I missed the hole several times.

My competitive side kicked in, and I almost missed the start of the second hole, look how it started…Junkyard Golf (2)So cool. The course continued and our scores got closer as my game picked up.

We went down slides, hit our golf balls over tea party tables, up running treadmills, putted our balls into pool table corners, and finally finished with a pinball style final hole (where the best score wins). Obviously also stopping for one more drink on the way – the sport and concentration, makes for thirsty business!

Our favourite holes on the FRANK course had to be the sport hole, where you navigated your ball under a fitness ab roller, up a moving treadmill and down the last straight, and the pool table, in which you had to pocket the ball, and putt it on the course below, when it came out of one of the pipes. They were both so funny and just so well thought out.Junkyard Golf (5)Junkyard Golf (8)Junkyard Golf (4)

When we finished, we had a wander and looked at the other two courses which looked just as quirky and well thought out. We wished we could have stayed for another game as we were having so much fun.

We can’t wait to go and play crazy golf again, it was such a fab date night.

If you haven’t been yet, you definitely have to go. Whether for date night, a night out with mates or a work social, it’s always going to be a winner!

Where do you play crazy golf?

Chloe xx