Last thursday evening I ventured to the east of London, to Dalston, for an evening with Ally at Kopparberg UrbanForest. It was Amazing!


We got in at Dalston Kingsland station and it’s not far from there, only a three minute walk. You walk down the high street and it’s on the left, down a small side street – Keep your eyes peeled, it’s not the easiest to spot from the high street. I’m also going to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Dalston (please don’t judge! I’ve actually never been on a night out there so perhaps that would change my views), but as soon as you’re through the security guards on the gate, it doesn’t feel like your in Dalston at all – So perfect for all!

You enter into a sort of square where there are tables in the middle of four stands selling food and cocktails. The Jerk stand looked Amazing and I was a little gutted we didn’t eat! (saving the pennies for other occasions this month!) – You should all know I’m a HUGE fan of Caribbean food (thanks to my boyfriend – he thankfully introduced me to the wonderful world of Jerk Chicken and Curried Goat!). The tables were pretty full already at 7pm so if you’re looking to sit, always best to get there early. Everyone seemed to be having a great time already!



As you walk through the square you come to a big stage with the Kopparberg bar. This looked fab! We grabbed two Kopparberg’s which were very reasonably priced (only £5 a bottle) and sat and caught up on what had been happening over the last couple weeks – there’s always so much to talk about…LOVE IT!

20140704-175327-64407435.jpgThe Kopparberg Bar – apologies for the blurriness…I have no idea what happened! 20140704-175328-64408287.jpg

The stage and standing area under cover to watch – rain will not be a problem here! Just the way I like it. 

The first act came on at I think it was 7pm – Just Julia – we were half listening whilst catching up, but she sounded really good. We then popped out to use the portaloos (which actually weren’t that bad! You always expect absolutely horrendous toilets at these, well I know I do!), before heading back to the bar for another Kopparberg. I did have a little browse at the cocktail menu but nothing really jumped out, these were pretty reasonably priced too though!

We moved to the front of the stage ready for Ryan Keen who came on stage at 8.30pm.

Now Ally was the one of picked thursday evening as the day we should go, having seen Ryan Keen previously and managing an event where she got him to perform, she told me how good he was and it didn’t take much selling – I do normally trust Ally’s judgement 🙂 . I don’t know why though, but I did not think he was going to be as good as he was. Think Ed Sheeran, now think better!




Ryan Keen’s drummer – yes he just uses the box he’s sat on and those cymbals! 

Ryan Keen was amazing. The way he played the guitar is like nothing I had seen before. It’s difficult to describe, you really have to watch him (Click here for a youtube clip – Watch closely at the guitar skills about a minute in!). He was joined by Gavin James too for one song – Royals – which was actually out of this world. The harmonising and way they performed together, is just too good for words.


I managed to film a little clip:

Once they finished performing, Ally and I headed back to get the bus as we knew it would take a while to get home, but it’s open til 11pm in the week and later at weekends. We’re already planning over next trip back – actually Gavin James is performing on 17th July so thinking that will be the date!

Would love to hear about your experiences of Kopparberg UrbanForest or any other London based music/food festivals you recommend – Leave me a comment 🙂