Last weekend was the last bank holiday before Christmas – scary stuff! I booked two days off this week so I could have a lovely long 5days off to cram some of my summer wish list in. Amazing few days …

Saturday I went to dance at Pineapple Dance Studio. The 11am beg hip hop class is fun and gets you moving, brings your confidence back whilst also helping you keep fit and do exercise. Love it!

I then got ready and headed to Alex’s for the evening. We watched the Arsenal match at Josh’s before having a few drinks and heading on a night out. We went to Cargo in shoreditch – the first time Lucy and I had been there – was so much fun! The layout is awesome, its not as expensive as other clubs, and really easy to get to from Alex’s so nice and easy to get home!



Sunday we woke up after a long lie in and headed to mine to get ready for CARNIVAL! We met some of his friends slightly more north than Nottinghill and walked in from that end. It was awesome, had such a fab time, great tunes, moves, jerk chicken…mmmmm. We only got to be there for 3hours ish before the music stopped but I really enjoyed myself!



We were going to go out in clapham after with my housemates and a few others including Alex’s friends, but when we got there one of us couldn’t get in so Alex and I didn’t mind not staying out – I just can’t manage two days drinking πŸ˜› not in uni anymore, definitely feeling older! so we headed home, stayed up for a little bit and slept…

Monday we had a huge lie in and such an awesome chilled day. We popped to the supermarket to get food and nibbles and had such a funny afternoon watching films and chatting. Just what we needed! I then headed to Bath late on the train for my reunion with my bestie!

Tuesday – lovely day! Huge catchup with Char in the morning, made a delicious salad before heading to bath city to do a little shopping, came back and popped to her mums to pick up a few bits before a night playing poker (yes I got taught…no I didn’t win, not even close!) , chilling in the hot tub and finally playing game for life. Fun day, loved being with char!



I came back Wednesday morning for my last day off… I had tickets to see the Got To Dance semi finals!!! But will tell you about that later..keep an eye out!

Overall a fab long weekend, so varied but so amazing for my last bank holiday weekend before Christmas, really enjoyed it and feel like I definitely made the most of it!