Ok, it can’t just be me who is crept upon by birthdays, mother’s day and now father’s day – How do they all come round so quick and I not notice?

It soon gets to the weekend before and I’m panicking. Making it worse, my dad is probably one of the most awkward to buy for – It’s not long been his birthday and we found it difficult to know what to get him then too – there’s only so many car polishes he can own surely?

If like me, you get crept upon too, I thought you might like some of my top last minute gift ideas…

Subscriptions – There are so many out there now. From magazines to bacon deliveries – yes I’m being serious –Β a subscription of one of their favourtie things could work well. Or perhaps something a little different and quirky…hmmm…

Experience – My dad’s done a few of these in the last few years. My mum bought him a race around Silverstone which went down very well! I did take him go-karting previously too – he obviously won! Groupon, Wowcher and BuyaGift are my turn-to’s these days – some great deals!

Make it Personal – what hobbies do you have? Could you make something? If there’s effort behind your pressie it means a lot. Painting? Illustration? Baking? Truffle making? I have painted for my dad before..but do bear in mind time as this will come into play with this type of gift.

Look what my sister made – she gave dad his present early as she’s away visiting me next weekend – how am I meant to beat this?

Fathers day gift

Chocolate and Beer! –Β Who could say no to that? (Ok, I hope your dads not lactose intolerant, that would be awkward). But chocolate, beer and a meal cooked by their son or daughter…I’m sure that’ll be a big hit! Plus, some of those bottles of beer/ale with the quirky names crack me up, could be a great little humorous gift.

My fave buys on the chocolate scene for dad …

Toblerone and Terrys Chocolate orange - Fathers day gifts

I’m obviously hoping he shares – Toblerone is one of my favourite chocolates and always goes down well with dad too – win! This special Father’s day one is pretty cool too – love that they re-design for special occasions!

Good luck guys,

Chloe xx