I work pretty close to Leather Lane market and every Friday I treat myself to something new for lunch, ok at the moment it’s something new but as I’ve been there longer and longer I’m sure I’ll get favourites I go to regularly. The rest of the week I’m super good with my lunches and take packed lunch everyday, so Friday I like to go all out.

Recently I tried out Brazilian BBQ. It’s about a third of the way down from Clerkenwell Road end, pretty large stall with a number of grills and few people serving customers. If you look out for it I’m sure you wouldn’t miss it.

Brazilian BBQ Leather Lane  Brazilian BBQ Leather Lane

Really friendly staff, pretty quick and everything is served up freshly right the in front of you. I ordered the Samba Chicken which came with rice and salad and was about £6 – ok a little more than I would like to spend, but being one of my first weeks I didn’t mind too much, and I do save so much money making my cheap and easy packed lunches every day!

My order got packaged up, with a sauce of my choice, obviously chilli and they told me they hoped I enjoyed. I headed back to the office to devour.

It was still warm when I got back – about a 5min or so walk – I opened the box, tummy rumbling and got stuck in.

It was super tasty, the chicken was tender, very flavoursome with the seasoning they marinated the chicken in, and the rice was pretty damn good too, cooked to perfection! The chilli sauce was fab too, not as spicy as I might have it but still went really well with my dish. It was so good I didn’t want to stop eating!

I love a good street food stand, and one that gives top service, delcicious food and a very decent portion for price is always worth recommending.

If you’re close to Leather Lane or ever visit, this is a great place to go! You also get a loyalty card – even more reason to return!

Brazilian BBQ Leather Lane

Chloe xx

P.s. As I’m Friday treats are now a regular occurrence, keep your eyes out if you fancy recommendations on where to try.