Daily struggles are a part of life. From indecisiveness over breakfast to that annoying colleague, the commute or how to fit everything into your evenings, we can all relate. We’re all in the same boat. So much to do, so little time.

Here are just 10 daily struggles I’m sure you can all relate to..

1. The outfit decision – I know I’m not the only one who struggled with the outfit decisions daily. What if I get too hot? Did I wear that in the last two weeks? everyday I promise myself that I’ll get my outfit out that night ahead of the next day. Does it ever happen? No.

2. Commuting – I think almost everyone who works anywhere in the UK can feel this pain. Whether it’s traffic, tubes at red signals, over-crowded carriages or delays, it doesn’t get your day off to a good start. But…we’re all in the same boat…and we have to get to work.

Daily Struggles

3. Last minute deadlines – You know what I mean. You’ve got your day set out. It’s busy but you know what you can get done and have flagged issues with anything you might not be able to. Then a colleague/client decides he/she needs something else done which is going to take a large chunk of time and concentration, and they need it done asap. This ruins your already carefully pieced together puzzle, and brings on the stress.

4. Lunchtime – getting away from the desk is definitely something many of us struggle with. Apparently we give employers an extra £33,624 worth of FREE labour throughout our careers through working through lunch breaks (survey by TotalJobs). Can you believe it. Taking a break to get some fresh air does wonders to your concentration and motivation, yet not enough of us manage to get away due to deadlines and work loads.

Then there’s choosing what to eat/make – now that’s a struggle in itself! Saving money vs. treating yourself to something yummy to combat the stress.

Daily Struggles

5. Annoying colleagues – I’m pretty sure we all have them. People who don’t listen when being delegated to, sassy personalities who think they know best, those who are practically bullies, protected by being higher up in the ranks or people who don’t care what you do or how many hours you put in, as long as you get THEIR task done. Growing up and gaining more experience in working situations helps us deal with this better but it’s still often one of those daily bug bears.

6. Afternoon snacking – offices are like feeding environments. The number of sugary snacks I get tempted by at work compared to at home is so much more. Suffering with an afternoon slump then makes it so difficult to resist – pear or birthday cake? Fat free yoghurt or holiday treats?

7. To exercise or not to exercise? – exhausted at the end of a long day, it’s a struggle to get motivated to do anything physical, apart from pulling on some pyjamas. But you know deep down you need to keep up the fitness routine to combat those sweet treats and once you’re there you feel better!

Health & Fitness at O2 Centre Finchley Road

8. Couple hours ‘Me time’ – once the working day is done, and if you go to the gym too, the evening is then pretty limited on time. There’s then the internal battle of what to watch, who to call or what hobby to spend time doing before bedtime. Even if you don’t choose to exercise that evening, there’s still limited hours during the week to catch-up with friends, check out new and exciting things in the place you call home, or go on date night. Planning ahead is key, but you do also need down time too. It’s always s constant struggle to make sure you’re seeing everyone and doing enough but looking after yourself too!

9. Dinner – I envy those who plan meals ahead. I rarely do a shopping trip for the week, and end up buying stuff for dinner on the route home – when you don’t know how much time you’ll realistically have to make dinner until that evening, let alone energy to spend 45 minutes or so in the kitchen slaving away over something delicious, it’s hard to plan. So day I cook (I alternate with Alex), I have that shopping trip. You all know the one. When you’re starving but don’t know what you want. When you want something fresh and cooked from scratch but don’t have the energy. Yes that one. Every. Day. If I’m out of the little Sainsburys in 10minutes I class it as a success.

Roasted Vegetable & Turkey Meatball Salad

10. Sleep – ok, this isn’t always a struggle. But putting my phone down to switch off beforehand is probably the bigger battle. I’m guilty. I check Twitter and Instagram until it’s lights out, and then find it hard to switch off. But it’s my escape from reality and work thoughts – an endless war inside my head. If I don’t get to bed early enough I also put too much pressure on going to sleep quickly, overthinking it and making it worse for myself. At the end of the day, you just want this bit to be easy and yet half the time it’s still a daily struggle!

And then it starts all over again. Another four times until the weekend. No wonder so many of us live for those two days off every week. But we shouldn’t be wishing away the weeks – our years will whizz by. Even with all of these daily struggles throughout the week, we should still be making the most of the weekdays – don’t wish your time away.

Which do you relate to? Are there any other daily struggles you manage regularly?

Chloe xx