Do we ever grow up? Really?

I’m 26. Twenty six! And yet I don’t feel grown up. I feel like I did at 20/21 at uni but just with more life experience.

Do we ever grow up

More knowledge of how to deal with problems, tricky situations and difficult people. More experience in my career, living on my own and being independent, and how to budget. More confidence in travelling and navigating cities, networking and in my abilities.

Do we ever grow up

But I don’t feel older.

Do we ever grow up

Mariah who blogs over at It’s Mariah Jean made me start thinking about all the things I still do, even as an adult. Those little things you think grown ups wouldn’t do, like still counting on your fingers. It made me giggle thinking about them so I had to share with you.

Do we ever grow up

And hey…doing all these things still is totally fine. I don’t think we ever really grow up inside. Age is just a number. We just carry on adding to that wisdom and those fab memories.

I still…

Ask my mum what to put on a bite/sting and to check if it looks normal

Can’t decide which cereal to choose in the supermarket…hmmmm Frosties, Rice Krispies or Readybrek

Crave smiley faces, dippers and spaghetti hoops

Catch a cartoon on weekend mornings every now and then… I feel like I’m indulging my inner child with 15 mins of Fairly Odd Parents

Want to be at home for mum to look after me when I’m ill

Don’t know how to do my makeup properly…i just guess what I need

Struggle to open medicine bottles, especially when I’m ill. Come on…The screw cap is hard when you’re feeling so weak!

Drink Ribena and Capri Sun- those tropical ones when out shopping for the day are the one!

Get excited about pick’n’mix…especially at the cinema

Pull faces at Alex when he says something I don’t agree with or he takes the mick out me

Talk about “when I’m grown up”…babies, engagement, where my career is going will all be then

Cry when I return to London. I’m always really homesick when I come back. Just because I’ve been living in the big city for four years, it doesn’t make it any easier.

Wrestle Alex when he’s said something to make fun of me…like when we used to have tickle fights as kids

Get really competitive on Mario Kart Wii. Sometimes I’m a sore loser too

Enjoy a Petit Filous every so often. Ok I do have to eat like two in one go as they’re so small but they’re super yum

Can you relate to some of the above? What do you still do?

Chloe xx

Do we ever grow up