…well maybe not life, but definitely exercise.

Have you ever tried anti-gravity yoga? No? Well here’s all the inside goss after I recently gave a class a whirl.Anti-Gravity Yoga/ Aerial Yoga/ Zero-Gravity YogaAlso known as aerial yoga or zero-gravity yoga, this exercise class is taken in a studio with silk hammocks hanging from the ceiling, from which you carry out a number of yoga postures and moves in the air. Sounds weird right?

Ok, so it can be quite theatrical too, not surprisingly as the creator of this fab exercise craze is also the co-founder of the Cirque du Soleil! But when else do you get a chance to flip in and out of postures, get to swing around and generally give in to your inner child. Everyone’s telling us we need to let go, and let our inner little one out when we can to maintain a good mental balance, and this is a great way!

Apparently hanging upside down refreshes the body’s systems, stretches the spine and improves blood flow too – so it’s also got some other great health benefits and would be a fab class for after a long day in the office.

I recently had my first EVER anti-gravity yoga experience at the London Dance Academy, near Old Street. A great central location for after work, it’s easy to get to, and kind of feels like a secret club, descending into the basement of this building for your class.

The classes are relatively small with only about 12 people, so the instructor can really help and ensure you’re all doing the postures and sequences in the right way, also helping you to make the most of your workout.

I’m ashamed to say it, but when I first got into my hammock I did get that adult fear of falling out. But I can let you know that as long as you listen to the coach and follow the instructions as to where the hammock should lie on your body, you will be  fine. Go with it, let your inhibitions go and you’ll be so much happier and also be able to let go of the day’s stresses a lot easier too!

I absolutely loved my first class. The instructor was funny, helpful and informative, giving her disclaimer at the beginning of the class to let us know that it is addictive, and she’s not to be held in anyway responsible haha. She was right, it sure is addictive.

It’s a really fun workout, and I felt like such a child coming away from the hour’s session, having flipped, swung and hung my way through. Coming to the end of the class, a huge rush of happiness and energy came over me as well as a feeling of being revitalised.

The workout is as good as you make it and can be a really great core toner, if you keep your core and body tensed at the right times to maximise workout effects. Otherwise just have fun with it! Really let go, concentrate on the way you’re feeling in the moment and nothing else.

At £15 per individual session, or a block of 3 sessions for £30, I think it’s not bad compared to other London prices. And for the after-feeling, most definitely worth it. I can’t wait to go again.

Have you tried anti-gravity yoga? Do you do any different exercise crazes I should try?

Chloe xx