You may or may not know, Hygge is a Danish concept that means ‘enjoying life’s simple pleasures’. It suddenly emerged in the UK a couple of years ago, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere – I like to think we’re learning something from those who know how to live in the moment, and enjoy the little things. It represents that feeling of cosiness and contentment and so it’s an idea/lifestyle/concept that you could easily apply in your own home.
From furniture to soft furnishings, there are plenty of ways you can fully embrace the concept and start enjoying those little pleasures. If you are starting from scratch or just want a few additional items here are a few ideas you can start with:

A super cosy sofa

Falling on to a sofa at the end of a long day is part of the hygge concept. I love this feeling, taking the weight off your feet and having a moment just to yourself.

Embracing hygge

Sectional sofas are the best because you can do so much with them. Not only are they multi-purpose and extremely functional, they’re also very comfortable—especially when you turn them into a giant square couch bed. Imagine those Netflix binge-watching days! Sectional sofas can vary significantly dependent on price range. Some, like the Darnell Sectional by Sunpan Modern can cost up to £1,244, while others, like the Huntsville Reversible Sectional by Alcott Hill are only £445. But at the end of the day, a sofa is a piece of furniture that is worth investing in – I know I would be using it frequently. One of my friends has one of these, and I’m already saving for a new one for my next place!

A chair that feels like warm hugs

A good chair has a way of bringing an entire room together and is another great way to give your home that hygge feel. I do love curling up in one, with a blanket and a good read! House Beautiful believes that the Lucy and Lily armchairs help make that cosy corner or comfy spot. The styles are minimalist yet chic, and could easily slot into the corner of a living room or bedroom. The colours of these two are gorgeous, and look like they’ll match many colour schemes. Just add a blanket and you’re away. I do love an oversized armchair or barrel chair too. The pure size/scale of them, and how you sink in makes me want to everyday. My sister has one, and I used to love cuddling up with my niece on it when she was tiny!

A flickering fireplace

Embracing hygge

Nothing is more hygge than sitting in front of a roaring fire – I love being at my parents’ home doing just this! Unless your home has a chimney and pre-existing fireside, the best option would be to invest in an electric fireplace. Even though most hygge hearths are promoted as log fires, the electric fireplaces on Screwfix show how modern electrical designs are often made to replicate the look of a traditional fireside. My boyfriend’s parents have an electric fireplace in their front room, and it’s gorgeous and cosy!
To truly make it more hygge, you could install a fire surround and dress it up with a few nature-inspired decorations like logs, twigs, foliage, flowers, and plants.

Soft and fluffy pillows and cushions

Embracing hygge

Nothing is more inviting, luxurious, and hygge than soft throw pillows. Not that anyone needs another excuse to buy a few 😉 House Beautiful highly recommends the Amped Fleece Fringed Throw Pillow from Urban Outfitters, which you can get for less than £23. You can also get chunky knit throw pillows from Etsy for £24.

Natural materials and vintage accents

Embracing hygge

Your finishing touches to your hygge home can include candles, soft sofa covers, and even natural-fibre rugs. Interior design writer Sienna Rodgers recommends that you add seventies sisal tapestries, plaited natural-fibre rugs, and a few oak lamps with paper shades. Which I love the idea of! Stoneware pots and even small vintage teapots can be used as accents, too. Natural elements like the ones you would put around your fireplace would also work in other parts of your home, such as your bathroom, kitchen, and even your bedroom.

If you can, let some natural light in to make your home look more inviting too. If you don’t have big windows, you can achieve the hygge atmosphere with lamps that give out a warm glow. Lights with a low lumen range are considered warm-coloured and would work well in any room. A few lifestyle changes can also help you achieve hygge in your life. Going on long walks, eating your meals a little slower, and meditating a few times a week can really help with living in the moment.

Letting go of a few items in your home can also make such a difference.

Start with your wardrobe—donate some of the items you have not worn in the past three years to charities. I loved having a clear out when I moved last year, and have made it a regular thing now. Having a minimalist lifestyle is a big part of hygge. Surround yourself with things that really make you happy, and ultimately, make sure you use your home for living in and not for storing things.

And there you have it. Just a few ideas to get you going. Do you embrace hygge already in your home? How do you make sure you enjoy life’s simple pleasures?

Chloe xx

*This post was written with Henry Alcock