Cleaning is one of those things no one really wants to do right?

At the end of a busy week, who has time to spend three hours plus cleaning an entire flat properly? Hoovering puts your back out. Your hands smell of bleach. And you most probably have to give up social time, your time for relaxing, or your gym class.

On top of this, cleaning is the one thing which is bound to cause disagreements in a shared house. Rotas are great, but do they really work? What if the other person doesn’t clean to the same standard? What if they take over a week to actually get their butt into gear and you have friends popping over?

Fantastic Services, cleaning, London

I used to think that getting a cleaner was an expense I didn’t need. I also worried what people would think – snobby? That I think I’m upper class when I’m not? Lazy?

Well recently, I completely changed my mind and it’s changed my life already.

I’d been looking for a cleaner for a few weeks, and recently found Fantastic Services. Fantastic Services is a company which offers a range of home services, from cleaning to pest control.

Setting up a first clean for last Saturday morning, I could be there when they arrived and left so I wouldn’t need to give anyone keys. Three people arrived at 9am on the dot (I was awake but not completely with it after a night on prosecco), armed with everything needed to give the flat a good spruce.

Fantastic Services, cleaning, London

We’ve actually got a pretty big flat for London. With a main bathroom and second toilet, as well as large living room, kitchen and a lot of stairs, I left them to it. Roughly two and a half hours later I emerged from my room, in response to a knock on my door.

I loved the fact the person who’d come up to say they’d finished made us do a walk-round to ensure I was happy. The others were laughing (happy laughs) as I walked around in awe – and said ‘WOW’ quite loudly when they opened the oven!

Fantastic Services, cleaning, London

Once they knew I was happy, they left me to it and I re-walked round the flat, so happy.

The Fantastic Services team had not only managed to get everything sparkling and clean, they’d worked wonders. The oven door was completely clean (there was cooked on grease covering the front door, from before we moved in, as it’s such an old oven and I didn’t have much hope it’d come off as I’d tried so hard before), the grout in between the tiles in the bathrooom was as white as when it was first decorated, and they’d even moved the sofas to clean!

Honestly, it’s amazing how good it can feel afterwards, and I didn’t even have to give up many plans as I could still work in my bedroom!

Fantastic Services, cleaning, London

I think this is definitely the start of something – with just wiping over the flat briefly in between, and a quick whizz round with the hoover, I think we won’t need to do much cleaning anymore ourselves. Good bye flat disagreements about cleaning, good bye rotas, hello more free time.

I was honestly extremely happy with the clean Fantastic Services provided. Now just to organise for them to come by regularly!

Do you have a cleaner? If so, how often do they come? Or does a rota work for you?

Chloe xx

*I was provided with a clean by Fantastic Services for trial. All views my own. I will be setting up an account to continue booking with Fantastic Services at the usual rate.