I know that I’m really lucky to have a sister who I’m close to. Not as in that we live close by, as unfortunately that’s really not the case, but as in I would consider my sister one of my best friends. That’s a special kinda relationship right?

Sister, bridesmaid

You’ve grown up together, so pretty much know everything about that side of them, apart from the secrets you tended to keep to yourself and school friends through teenage years. You know all the silly things they did as a little child, and can laugh at all the funny memories and sit for a whole evening reminiscing about that one family holiday where you fed the ducks the crisps you didn’t like the day before, only to find out they were so much better a day old. Just us?

When we were little we used to share a room, and of course we bickered and quarrelled, which brothers and sisters didn’t? It’s all about learning how far you can push people to get your own way, and you soon learn you can’t always – especially when your younger siblings grow up to answer back as much as you. Well, they did learn from the best. But growing up, changes perspectives and I’m so happy we got closer.

Recently, not only was I asked to be God Mother to my niece – My sister had a baby back in August, a gorgeous little girl with dark features, just like both her parents – look how she asked me too…

So cute!

But A couple of weeks ago, my sister surprised me by collecting me at the station when I was going home to visit our parents (I didn’t think I was going to get to see her as she no longer lives at home either so when I spotted her I started welling up with tears) and later that evening she gave me this card…

Obviously I started to cry again. Whoops. I just couldn’t believe it. I had all the feelings:



Scared – that we’re all growing up too fast

More excitement …

And a little humble (I still couldn’t believe I’d been asked!)

I mean, I knew we were close but I assumed she’d have a couple of close friends as bridesmaids, as she was keeping it small – I had no idea she’d ever ask me. I feel super privileged and extremely excited to be right by her side through it. My little sister, the one who used to ask if it was bedtime yet just so we all had to go, the one who used to make ants’ homes in ice cream tubs (ok, we all did this) and the one who wanted our mum to be the ballet teacher (FYI – mum doesn’t do ballet, or any dance apart from throwing shapes to disco music).

The wedding talk has already begun – dresses, invitations, seating plans, other cute ideas for the evening do. It’s all so exciting and she’s super creative, so it’s all looking amazing already. I’ll have obviously show you all more when I can..for now it’s all top secret.

Have you been a bridesmaid to anyone? Got any top tips for the big day or the run up to it? I’d love to hear them!

Chloe xx