Ok, it made me giggle writing that headline. That’s when I know I have a good ‘un. But really guys, forget the bass..forget the urge to need to be busy..It really is all about that balance.

Getting a good balance between everything in life is so hard. Especially when you get additional life stresses thrown at you too. I’ve recently moved, and my gosh…I was not expecting to feel so much like I wasn’t in control of my life as I did. To me, it was one super stressful situation as my housemates were unhelpful, yet picky and I was having to give up so much time to cater to their “check list”. Time I didn’t have. And it threw everything else out. Exercise. Blogging. Me time. Sleep. Concentration. And I cracked.

I felt constantly anxious. Nauseous. I was knackered as I wasn’t sleeping well. Until I had a good old chat with a few of my closest friends and put a few things in action to help keep me Zen, and in control of everything. Because guys, we totally got this.

Me. All about that balance

Balance is so important. In helping you feel on top of everything. But also in helping you reduce anxiety, and hopefully improving sleep too. And happiness..and happiness is the most important thing in life. It’s not just about the work life balance, but juggling everything else in life too – and it can be tricky.

So if you’re struggling with balancing life right now, here’s a few things which could help you too.

Keep notes

Omg I bloody love this app. It’s a Google one, which allows you to make to do lists which you can physically tick off. Alongside this you can pin motivational pictures and even doodles or little reminders too!

It’s great for just before bed when you have loads floating around your head.

I’ve got three lists right now – a general life admin, a list for house stuff (Keep Notes allows you to collaborate with other users, so Chris has access to this too), and one for blog posts which need drafting.
I’ve also got a little heart doodle and a picture of Chris and I at the moment to try and make me smile whenever I’m thinking too much about my lists. It really helps break up my board. I actually don’t know what I did before this!

Balance...keep notes

Shared calendars

Ok ok. I know what you’re thinking. Too far. Having your partner’s calendar in with your own. But seriously, it’s such a good idea. It means you’re both aware of when there might a spare evening to spend together, and also means there shouldn’t be so much double booking or as many diary clashes – therefore less stress in re-organising. You can even book your me time in for when they’re busy! I love having my shared calendar so we don’t constantly need to be asking each other when we’re free, or if we can do something one night. It basically just goes in the diary. But also, it means if one of us is having a busy, stressful week, the other can see it coming, and hopefully do something to help. You’re not on your own!

Scheduling time for yourself

Kim actually told me I need to do more of this. Just block out evenings for myself. To do whatever I want to do. On my own. In my own company.

‘Me time’ is so important. To reflect, unwind, relax. I know some people don’t enjoy it so much, but I absolutely love it. So when I go weeks without an evening to myself, everything starts getting on top of me. But Ive started popping an evening here and there in the diary, with my name on it. And I intend to continue.

Using commuting time?

Commuting time needn’t be dead time. I don’t mean fill every minute of your day if you enjoy having a chilled commute where you listen to music or read – if this is the case, revel in doing exactly what you like doing on your way to and from work. Live in the moment and really enjoy it. However, if you generally just sit there waiting to get going again, why not use that time? Do what you can on your phone offline – drafting emails or messages, replying to those whatsapps you keep opening and don’t have time to reply to, or updating your lists and reminders. You’d be surprised how much you can get done, and how more organised you feel when you do spend a little time each day on life admin.

Finding out who can help

Guys, you ARE NOT on your own. No one ever is alone in these things. If you’re having a super stressful time right now, have you thought about who really can help. Like really really. Bet you’d be surprised. No one would want you running yourself into the ground. So take seat, and think about who’s closest to you who might be able to offer some kind of help or support. Whether it’s your boyfriend thinking about and cooking dinners for the whole week so you can focus on other things, or one of your friends who might be able to help you organise a group social occasion which is stressing you out because you have too much on your plate, just ask them! They all love you and I’m sure they would be more than happy to lend a hand.

All about that balance

If it’s really affecting work, take a day off

Ok, writing this I was a bit like “ooo what if work sees this?”. But if you’re so stressed out, not sleeping etc. And it’s physically running you into the ground, you’re going to make yourself so ill. So take one day off to get some extra sleep and life admin organised. Mental health is as important as physical health, and we should be able to take days off for both. If you’re super stressed our right now, this is looking after your mental health. Remember, you need to look after you. One day is not going to hurt in the grand scheme of things at work, but it might help you in sorting lots of other stuff which is currently running you into the ground.

Remembering that sometimes, things will slip

This is key. You need to remember that sometimes, things will slip.

As Cathy Newman said at a talk I went to recently, “There are so many superwomen stories out there, whereby people are up at 4am to exercise, before preparing the packed lunches, doing the school run, and then going to work to excel in their career. It’s cruel to make people believe you can do everything, and do everything well”. If you’re having a super busy time, something will have to give it you’re most probably going to run yourself into the ground. It’s ok for things to slip every now and again, we’re only human! So think about what could take the backseat until everything else has calmed down, and don’t beat yourself up over it. A week off exercise isn’t going to make that much difference in the long run. And if you don’t quite get to the cleaning this weekend, I’m sure a speedy wipe over will be fine this time. Cut yourself some slack. Be nice to yourself.

All about that balanceMe after my half marathon, in the gale force winds and sludg-y mud. At first I thought I wouldn’t make it…but then I let the time limits I set myself slip (due to nature being against us) and just focused on completing it. Sometimes we do have to let things go. And I did it!

One final reminder..You are a super(wo)man.

Each and every one of you, in your own unique way. Sometimes we can’t quite handle everything we get thrown at us, and that’s totally normal! It’s usually just for a little time, and you will get through it – we’re all stronger than we believe.

You got this!

What else do you do to help maintain the balance between everything outside work?

Chloe xx