I obviously don’t know what it’s really like to be a mum to a one-year-old myself – I just know I’m not ready for little ones just yet. It looks SO hard and tiring right?! And I’m not ready to say goodbye to my freedom either.
So I thought I’d interview my sister. Get her to tell it how it is and give us all some insight. So when it does come to settling down, whenever we decide works for us (if that’s what you want of course – no pressure), we’re a little more clued up on the good bits and hard bits.
My sister, Emma, makes motherhood look simple on the outside – being a nursery nurse makes it a whole lot easier right? But is it just a brave face? Aged 24, she’s a pretty young mum for these days, and totally bosses it. Isabelle is now almost a year and a half, and is the most gorgeous little girl – here’s what it’s like being her mum.
Interview with a mum
“I just love being a mum, knowing she relies on me and loves me so much.”
What’s the best thing about being a mum?
I just love being a mum, knowing she relies on me and loves me so much. She’s definitely a mummys girl! And no matter how bad my day has been she’ll always make me smile, and makes my heart melt when she wraps her arms around me!
What are the things you cherish each day?
I cherish each time she reaches out to give me a hug or kiss, and shouts mama to me. I cherish each sleepy cuddle I get, but they’re slowing phasing out now
Interview with a mum
“Giving Birth is over whelming…there’s no feeling like it”
How did you feel when you gave birth?
There’s no feeling like it. Emotions run over drive and you’re on cloud 9. Shattered. After 30+ hours in labour I was drained, I was running on adrenaline and yet couldn’t stop smiling.
I was excited but worried, she was taken straight to the children’s ward as they thought she had an air pocket on her lung and was breathing funny. So I was excited to see her but also worried about how she was. I was also scared as she had meconium (pooed in me when giving birth) so had to go on antibiotics for the first 48 hours of her life.
But at the end of it, there’s no feeling like it. It’s the only blind date where you know it’s going to be love at first sight!.
What’s the funniest thing she’s done?
I have to say learning to blow raspberries on my leg around the pool in Menorca. Definitely got a lot of funny looks heading our way.
Interview with a mum
“Sleep deprivation is the hardest part”
What’s the hardest part of being a mum? 
Sleep deprivation. Toddler tantrums.
Seriously sleep deprivation is the worst, I can remember one day where Isabelle just wouldn’t sleep, she was grouchy with teething and would only settle on me so I got literally nothing done. Nothing. I felt so emotional and even cried when my partner bought home the wrong pancakes I wanted for pancake day.
We were lucky that she slept through from 5 weeks though – I do love my sleep!
Terrible two’s have definitely started though (and she’s still got six months to go until she hit two). She’s had a melt down because she can’t empty a packet of wipes, or have a drink from daddy’s beer! (no under age drinking here!).
How much does she grow as a person each week? How does this make you feel?
I feel like she learns something new every day, from taking more and more steps or learning to ‘shh’ and point to our dog it’s a bitter sweet subject really because I love when she learns new things and what she’ll learn and do next, but I miss her as a tiny baby!
Interview with a mum
“We also love shopping! I’m starting her young”
What are your favourite things to do when you have mummy and daughter time?
We love going to the park or soft play, I love it when Isabelle is happy and she loves both of these!
Or we enjoy singing songs and reading books together, Isabelle’s favourite songs have to be twinkle twinkle, tiny turtle or row row.
We also love shopping! I’m starting her young.
Do you ever wish you could just leave her to her own devices so you could do something? Shopping etc? Or do you wish someone else would have her more often?
Isabelle is quite good at playing with her toys on her own so I can get stuff done around the house. But it is harder to go out as you have to think a lot more. You can’t just leave with your purse, phone and keys. I’m quite lucky as Mark and Isabelle have their own time too so I can go shopping if needs be.
“I was like a zombie for 5 weeks”
How tired are you? Do you ever get used to That? Do you feel like a zombie?
I was like a zombie for 5 weeks when she was born, but very lucky when she slept through and it does get easier. Now she’s 1, she doesn’t like her cot so is up a couple of times a night most nights. I believe she thinks she’s going to miss something exciting too. It can be really tiring if I’ve got work. But I think you do just get used to it, and I do go to bed earlier.
How much help do you get from your family (and marks)? Could you do it without this?
We do get a lot of help from both sides of our family. Marks mum, Mandy has her one day while I’m working and she goes to nursery the other 2 days. Without this it would be harder for me to work, purely because the price of childcare!
Interview with a mum
“I know I’ve got a while yet, but I’m not looking forward to the teenage years”
At what age do you think she’ll be at the best age? 
I always think she’s at the best age if that makes sense. Like she changes and learns things each day, I think ‘oh this is the best age’, then she does something even more amazing. I know I’ve got a while yet, but I’m not looking forward to the teenage years.
“The best day of my life”
It is totally worth it, being a mummy is the best thing ever. And I wouldn’t change anything. Maybe just for time to slow down!
The day Isabelle was born was literally the best day of my life.
And there you have it – the lowdown from a mum of a one-year-old.
I hope this helps open your eyes to some of the wonders (and harder points) of being a mum. Remember, every relationship between parent and child is different, but I hope this kind of gives you a bit of insight – just don’t ever feel pressured by others to settle down, it’s completely up to you to decide if and when you’re ready.
Have you considered having little ones? Do you feel pressured by society to settle down early?
Chloe xx