My LITTLE sister is married. No longer a Hutchinson.

It’s taking me a little while to get used to this fact and I still search for her on social using her maiden name.

Do I feel old. Yes. Like I should be a grown up by now. But we’re not talking about that right here.

Emma’s wedding day, back at the beginning of January, was so magical that I was dying to share all the details, tying in some tips from a bridesmaid first hand. Yes…get ready for the wedding pics.

My sister got married


The whole wedding day took place at Gainsborough House Hotel in Kidderminster. Coming up the road, it didn’t feel like it would play host to a beautiful wedding venue. However, once you turned into the car park you could see why. The front of the house and garden area made the perfect spot for photos, and the inside could host the whole day. Yes – the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and the evening. All under one roof. With relatively quick changeover of the main room for all 3 parts of the day.

My sister got married

There was a separate bar area, for those inbetween times, and 42 rooms for guests to stay too.

We managed to pay extra for early access to a room so we could get ready. Whilst the groomsmen arrived almost two hours ahead of the ceremony to welcome the parties in the bar area.

Emma did have a wedding coordinator, Jill, who was fab. Emma said it is the one thing she really recommends as Jill thought of all the little things she never would have, like how and when to cut the cake.

Wedding Dress & Prep:

We were in the room from about 9, allowing enough time for the hairdresser, makeup, naps for the girls and getting into dresses.

Emma’s wedding dress was a Wed2Be number and she looked like a princess. Stunning. Words cannot describe. Yes I cried.

My sister got married

Bridesmaid dresses:

I’ll let you into a secret. These are from eBay. £26 each. Yes you read right. The straps just chiffon strands which you can tie as you please so this isn’t the only way to wear them.

My sister got married

The Shoes:

This has to be one of my favourite parts. The bridal party had personalised converse. Don’t get too jealous now. My feet still hurt by the end of the night from all the dancing but it was so much better being in pumps!

My sister got married

The day:

Wedding coordinator on hand, it all seemed to run smoothly. Emma and Mark didn’t look stressed – nervous hell yeah. Excited. Of course. Stressed. Nope.

The ceremony was beautiful, with a touch of comedy and lots of tears. Happy tears.

My sister got married

The meal was really good. And pretty efficient. Transformation of the main room for this was great. Speeches were way more on the sweet and thoughtful side, than embarrassing and funny. I actually shared dad’s (a little motivational support for him) and although shaking like crazy, it went well – post to come.

The evening transformation was just as smooth. Dance floor in the middle, it was ready for people to get jiggy after the first dance, and I made sure the Hutchinson’s were not seen as the boring side of the newly formed fam. The first dance was such a beautiful moment. Once that had past, everyone got involved, and the fun began.

There was even a photo booth which offered plenty of fun with props, and an opportunity to leave a message in the guest book – I did 4 times!

My sister got married

At the end of the night:

After telling Emma it was all good to leave the final stragglers on the dancefloor, Alex and I headed up (taking my younger brother to bed) at about 1. A long but truly magical day, I couldn’t believe it was all over – so I couldn’t imagine how Emma and Mark felt.

My sister got married

I was so privileged to have been by Emma’s side for one of the biggest days of her life. It meant the world and I loved every minute. There are a few tips I picked up which I thought I’d share for any bridesmaids to be…

Pack spare makeup

You never know if the bride will change her mind on the colour of the lipstick or which mascara last minute. Cover all bases.

My sister got married

Food & drink for getting ready

I actually forgot this, and luckily my sister’s maid of honour had this nailed. Pack cereal bars and simple snacks, water and something sugary for if the nerves kick in.

Practise doing up the wedding dress

This obviously depends on how difficult it is. I did this for the first time on the day and was probs just a bit slower than I should have been.

My sister got married

Clutch bag

I didn’t think about this but this is so handy. You might need to carry some of the bride’s belongings throughout the day or night, and you’ll want your phone to hand too for those cheeky selfies so find one that the bride likes, or one that goes with the colour scheme.


You’ll definitely need these for the bride or someone on the front row. Pack some in a bag or hide a couple in your dress.

My sister got married

You might have to get up close and personal

Going to the toilet in a wedding dress is a hurdle. Sitting on the toilet backwards is said to help, but no doubt you’ll have to lend a hand holding the dress up or getting under to help take off underskirts. Don’t feel embarrassed or too intrusive – we all gotta do these things.

Have a good time!

This is probably one of the most important. If the bridal party is having a good time, no doubt the bride will be too. Enjoy it. Get everyone up dancing, laughing, interacting. At the end of the day, after helping with prep and being there throughout the day, you deserve to have fun too.

 My Sister got married

Everyone loves a good wedding. So enjoy every minute – and bridesmaids, don’t worry, you’ll smash it!

How many weddings do you have in the diary for this year?

Chloe xx