In September, I went back to house sharing. The way I did when I first moved down to London – joining a household of randoms, who already lived there. The way you kind of have to do things when you first move to London, as it’s too expensive to go it on your own – or in my case, when circumstances change, and you have no close friends who are also looking to move.

Doing things this way can be fun. You get to meet new people. Hopefully make new lasting friendships. But you’re also joining a house, or home, which might not be exactly the spot you’d choose. It might not be how you’d decorate. It might look completely different to how you’d imagine your future home. But that’s ok. Because let’s face it, when moving in with people you don’t know, the personalities and people are more important.

Desenio - Making a house or flatshare homely

However, you still want to feel homely. You still want to feel like it’s your space too. It’s so important. So you can feel comfortable coming home. To make you love your little room. And to help with not feeling homesick. It’s all about those little touches…and for me, it’s been all about the prints, photos and plants!

I now live in a mini jungle.

My sister actually asked me if I’d spent too much time with Katy (Little Winter). As if she’d rubbed off on me. I have so much green in my new room – something I never used to have really, through fear of just killing it all. But looking after plants isn’t too difficult. I mean, I do move them a couple of times each week into the sunlight (which they seem to adore). I obviously also remember to keep them watered. But that’s it. Apart from the occasional talking to 😉 Having green around really does make all the difference, not just mentally but to a room. You can get some fab varieties which are super easy to look after.

Desenio - Making a house or flatshare homely

The thing which has made the most difference however, is my prints.

Being in rented accommodation can be tough, when it comes to making your house share a home – especially as the walls can seem pretty bare. But really it’s not that difficult, as I learnt recently.

I ordered some gorgeous prints from Desenio and they’ve made all the difference to my room – even before getting my personal photos up! Ordering the larger styles (40 x 50cm or 30 x 40cm) alongside some smaller prints (21 x 30 cm), I’ve managed to make a couple of arrangements on my shelves and chest of drawers which really do reflect me, myself and I…well let’s face it, it’s my room.

Desenio - Making a house or flatshare homely

This is the Monstera Three (40×50) and the Change Your Thoughts (21x30cm) – one in a black frame, one in a copper one (also from Desenio).

I love how the quote gives me a constant reminder to keep positive – something I place so importantly in my daily mood, each and every day! And who doesn’t love a cheese plant?

Desenio - Making a house or flatshare homely

I love my print of Top of the Rock (30×40) – just a little memory from my first big trip, travelling with Katy to New York back at the beginning of October. First of many – but something which always be a turning point. Therefore a print which truly represents something important to me.

Desenio - Making a house or flatshare homely

After Coffee (13x18cm) sums me up every morning. A cute size, I couldn’t resist. I knew it’d slot in somewhere in the kitchen to bring a bit of me to the other place I was bound spend a good portion of my time.

Desenio - Making a house or flatshare homely

My housemate loved mine so much, and how much it all transformed my room, that she also ordered a super cute print for her room, The Pastel Pink Palm, which has made her corner look fab..

My photos (friends, family and all the good and memorable moments) might not be up yet – my friends introduced me to command strips which I will certainly be using – but my room feels so me, I might not even need many. It’s now a spot I love to be in. A place I certainly call home. And somewhere I’m definitely not ashamed of showing my friends. I love my little jungle haven.

If you’re doing up one of your rooms, have just moved and need to make it more homely, just looking to freshen things up or even if you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, I definitely recommend ordering from Desenio. The prints are great quality, there’s so much choice and you can order the frames from there too, so it all comes at once. I’ve teamed up with Desenio to get you all a discount for the next two days…

The code “LASHESOFLIFESTYLE” gives 25% off posters* on all of the Desenio sites between November 27th and 29th (*Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters)!

What do you do to make your space more homely/feel like yours?

Chloe xx

*This post is in collaboration with Desenio. All views my own.


Desenio - Making a flatshare homely, more yours