Meeting the parents, or anyone in your partner’s life can be a daunting prospect. You want to make a good impression, especially to those closest to them. So, of course, this can onset the nerves, and that’s totally normal. We all care, to a degree, what others think of us, and this kind of situation can feel like it’s putting us front-centre when it comes to attention and judgement. Which is scary. But we totally got this.

Meeting your partner's parents

I went through this recently. The first time I’ve had to do this in such a long time, and wow I was nervous. But I learnt a few things which have helped with meeting others in his life too. I just keep telling myself these few things, and I hope they might be able to help some of you too.

Think about the reasons your partner has fallen for you, and all the fun things you do together.

No doubt they’d have spoken to their friends and family about you, mentioning many of these things. Things which make them happy. Which in turn makes friends and family happy because they’re happy. It’s basically one big happy circle. So they’ve already got a positive impression of you. They already like you because you’re making a positive difference to one of their closest. Winning.

Meeting your partner's parents

They say first impressions can be made within seven seconds. But really this isn’t a first impression.

See what I mentioned above – they’d have spoken about you lots already probably, and so there will already be a positive impression. Everyone gets nervous and this can alter how we are on a first meeting. But put yourself on the other side. I bet you’d be sympathetic and understand/see the nerves, and therefore just be more welcoming right?! So why wouldn’t they be? They’re only human too.

Which brings me nicely onto… think about what your friends would say to you on meeting the parents.

We’re all so tough on ourselves, picking at the flaws and pulling reasons why someone wouldn’t like us out of thin air. Stop it. Take a step back and think about the good qualities, generally how you are when you meet people and the impression you’ve left with work colleagues and friends. I bet they all love you for being you. Now hold onto that. Because that’s the impression you give off, and even through nerves, this will shine through.

Be confident in yourself.

You’re with this person because you click. Because you’re their kind of person. So surely you’d fit in with most of everyone else in their lives too. There might be the odd one you don’t, and that’s totally fine. It does happen and isn’t the be-all and end-all. Just focus on you two, and being you, and then you’ll do the best you can in any situation where you’re meeting people close to them.

You totally got this. We all have.

Chloe xx