I’m 27 tomorrow. Whilst I know that’s not old. At all. I still don’t want to grow up.

Being 27 in London is like 22 everywhere else. There’s still no rush to settle and get married, be top of your career or think about babies. In London, everything’s slower…even though the speed of living is ACTUALLY faster. Crazy right?!

27. Scared of growing up.
I don’t even feel 27. Not that I know what that should feel like. But I still feel like I’m in my early twenties. Especially now I love my job. I’m just living life. Making the most of every opportunity and enjoying the most part (no one has it perfect).
So why am I still thinking I don’t want to grow up. It might be simple. I don’t like change. Don’t want my family to change. Hate the thought of losing people. I don’t want to grow out of friendships. I like it how it is.
We’re all meant to be able to cope with change, I know. Learn to grow. Learn to adapt. Is this such a bad thing if I just LOVE it how it is right now?

27. Scared of growing up.

I mean I love growing. I love meeting new people, building new friendships and learning new things. I’ve made some awesome friends this year, and kept up friendships with some of my favourites. I’ve even got to better know people I’d have once called acquaintances. It really has been such a good few months already.

I just fear the future.

So for now, I’m just going to keep carrying on as I am. In my little 22 year old brain. Living it. Enjoying it. Making it. Pretending. Just like I think many others do.

Happy Birthday to me.

How do you feel about growing up?

Chloe xx