Yep, that’s me. As of the beginning of August I’ve been single. One early afternoon we were making brunch, settling in for a day snuggled up on the sofa finishing Luke Cage. Late afternoon, we were both in tears at the prospect of a life without each other. And all in a city I moved to, over five years ago, to be with him.

I won’t go into it but we had obviously had our ups and downs over the 6 years. We just weren’t meant to be. We wanted different things. It hadn’t been right for a long time! It’s something I came to realise very quickly is definitely for the best. But it was still a shock. A complete change to life.

The city in question is obviously London. A city, which I didn’t think until recently, is actually home too. Well ‘home from home’.

Being suddenly single is a bludy daunting thing. No matter how long it’s been. I couldn’t say if it hurts more to have it sprung on you, as heart break is individual and very much situation dependent. What I’ve felt might be completely different. It all depends on how you get yourself through it.

Day trip to Paris

With all of my family back in the Midlands it’s been especially hard. But it’s made me realise how truly incredibly amazing my friends, my family away from home, really are. Like seriously. Everyone has been so supportive, whether meeting for dinner and keeping me busy, offering to help me move or giving me somewhere to stay and escape reality for a night or two (or in one case almost two weeks). But that’s just the start…

They’ve given me a whole new appreciation for the city. And my life here. Over the past month, I’ve had plans at least 5 out of 7 days each week. Trust me, keeping busy has been key in moving forward. Planning brunches, girls night’s, dinners, sleepovers, drinks, coffee and exploring has made me really think about again about what London really has to offer. Everything. If you want to be busy, trust me, you’ll find a way here. And that’s what I love about it. Along with the people you need on the way.

And so, whilst inside my heart I’d love to have my family close. I decided I’m staying here (at least for the near future), grabbing life by the horns, taking control and putting me first. I’m going to do everything I’ve wanted to do. London, I’m here for you.

Chloe xx