We are all unique and can bring something completely different to the table. Remember, in one way or another, you can offer something no one else can! Think about what it is that makes you different and love it. We should all be confident about what makes us special and what we can bring to the World.

We can all achieve amazing things. Do you think Alexander Graham Bell doubted his abilities, perhaps – but he must have been confident to keep going, and we might not be living with telephones if he didn’t. We all need to believe in our own abilities.

Every single person counts. A doctor can help save someone’s life, a PR can have an effect on brand presence, a store assistant can help a shopper make a great purchase, which could change their day completely (think about how you feel when you find an awesome buy!), an administration assistant can make such a difference in keeping things organised, or even bringing a positive energy to an office, making work so much better for everyone. We just need to be confident. So here’s some top tips and things to remember to keep you feeling confident and like you’re totally owning it:

Remember – You’re stronger than you think. I always used to think ‘if I do this people might not like me’, ‘if I do that I might get knocked back’. So what?! Does it matter what others think? Not really. You should be fighting for you and your happiness. Be confident to do what you want to do and get what you want out of life. It’s worth it, trust me.

Tip – Give yourself daily reminders of how awesome you are. Buy some post-it notes and write some confidence boosting notes on several such as “you’re amazing”, “you can do it”, “I believe in you” and “I can and I will. Watch me.” and leave them around your bedroom/flat/house. Inside wardrobe doors, on the mirror, inside kitchen cupboards and on your bedroom door all work well. Pop them in places where you will see them daily, so you get little boosts of confidence – just make sure you move them around after a little while so you don’t get too used to them being there.

Remember – Pushing yourself to get to where you want to be will make you happy in the long term. You can do whatever you set your mind to, so think about where you want to be, what would make you happy and do what you can to get there. We’re all in this together, but you have to do things for yourself too!

Tip – Pamper yourself. I know this sounds strange, and like it doesn’t really fit here but I found out recently how good an amazing cut and colour can make you feel. Making yourself feel good can do wonders for confidence – so go on, treat yourself to a haircut, do a face mask and paint your nails, you deserve it.

Remember – Tomorrow is another day. If you’ve had a bad day and a knock to your self-esteem or confidence, don’t worry as those days happen to everybody, not just you. The saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is based on reality – learn from things which go badly and keep going. Tomorrow you can start a fresh, putting today behind you, so you can go in all confident again – you can do this!

Tip – Make a list of all the things you’re awesome at. This works wonders if you’re feeling really demotivated and low. It could be as little as I’m great at making a poached egg, or I’m awesome at excel spreadsheets, or I’m pretty good at picking films, or even I’m fab at being there for others. List everything you can think of, and then read the list, really taking in everything you wrote down because you’re amazing at all those things. YES, YOU!

Remember – Your family and friends will always be there. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, family and friends will always be on the end of the phone to help you through…and most importantly will always be proud of you. Thrive from this, make them proud and keep growing. They’ll always love you no matter how crazy you are.

I hope these help you to feel a little better, and realise how special you are and what a difference you can make. Now go out there and make everyone else see what you can do too. Go on, own it!

What do you think about when you need an extra confidence boost?

Chloe xx