26-30 railcard & trains

Yesterday marked Railcard day.

Yes. Apparently that’s a thing. Along with the countless other PR days no one has ever heard of until the Twittersphere jumps on it and makes it trend. That’s genuinely how I know about some of these. 

To mark the occasion the 26-30 railcard, dubbed the Millenial railcard, was launched on a limited UK wide trial. It had already seen success in East Anglia, and so the practise sessions widened to encompass twenty-something public transport users around the UK too.

In no time at all the website was down. Too many users. Too many keen savvy travellers desperately hoping to get their hands on the first release. I tried and tried all day long, but to no avail. At 7pm it was announced that, despite the website struggling to cope, they had indeed sold out. SOLD OUT.

They’re apparently taking on board the huge demand, and have asked people to register for updates with no mention of when more will be available as yet.

It got me thinking. It’s marked the Millenial railcard, but what about the 30-somethings who fit this category too? I have plenty of colleagues who would fall into the same category. Have a Google, and it says there are no precise dates for when the Millenial cohort ends, so why are they excluded? All my 30+ friends in London are keen travellers, love visiting other cities and seeing new places too! They’re not tied down. They don’t stay in the same city.

Travel is EXPENSIVE. Now my young persons railcard has expired, it will cost me £50 every time I want to go and see the family. FIFTY POUNDS. Five – zero. Everytime I want to see my one and a half year-old niece (I already worry I’m missing so much), my sister (and best friend), my little bro, my parents, my aunties and uncles, and my grandparents. If I go home once a month, that’s £600 a year!!!

I tried to book a weekend in Manchester/Edinburgh for the coming months, and it costs over £80 to get there. And that’s booking in advance! It’s cheaper to fly Ryanair and go abroad!

They want us to use public transport more, and yet it costs an arm and a leg to get anywhere. Quite literally.

We’re a generation of experience seekers. A group of wandering souls looking to see the World.

And this is exactly why I think railcards should be available for all under 40, or banished completely and all travel to be reduced. It should be more accessible to all. Urging us to travel more in our own country, and build spend here, rather than making us drive more or consider short and cheaper trips abroad!

What do you think?

Chloe xx