Let’s face it, there are quite probably a whole list of things we think we shouldn’t have said, several instances where we shouldn’t have acted the way we did, even a handful of decisions we’re second guessing as to whether we should have made. But we can’t change it. Not now. Not ever. It’s happened. We can’t go back. Unfortunately, the delorean never really existed..although after what happened to Marty due to changing the past, I’m not sure we’d ever really want THAT hassle.

Some might play more on your mind, coming up in thoughts more often. But there’s no point kicking yourself with the “Why did I do that”s and “what was I thinking”. It’s not going to help.

New York, Central Park

In fact, every decision (despite whether you currently believe to be right or wrong), got you to where you are today. And if you’re happy right now, or if you’re almost there (because let’s face it we all have our down days), why would you change that? You wouldn’t want to go back and risk changing your happiness right now for one or two things.

What we really need to do is take the positives from every decision or situation. What made us stronger? Did it move us in a different direction to be where we are today? Were we inspired to do things or see things differently?

We shouldn’t regret being with any ex, and the time spent with them. ‘Mistakes’, used quite loosely here as they’re all subjective, shouldn’t be fretted over. Friendships which breakdown for one reason or another should be a fond memory of a time before, because they added something to your life for a short while. And we certainly shouldn’t feel bad for overindulging every so often – we all know it’s the season for this right now, and that’s totally fine.

It all bubbles down to happiness and right now. As long as you’re content with where you are today, or this year, or where you’re aiming to be in the near future, that’s what matters. But remember, life isn’t a fairy tale. We won’t always approach every situation in the best way. And that’s fine, because we’re ALL human beings, learning along the way.

And all these reasons are why we shouldn’t have regrets. Love what you do now, live for what you love doing, and do everything you want. All the things. And love it all. I’m going to say it…life is too short to dwell.

Chloe xx