Whether you class yourself as a fully fledged Londoner or an occasional tourist, the London Dungeons is definitely something I’d recommend fitting into your time in the big smoke!

It’s been on my wish list for a while, and although Alex is one of those Londoners who thinks it’s a crime to appreciate the tourist attractions in his home city – I think it’s a pride thing – I managed to get him interested in going too.

All are warned before entering this experience isn’t for the faint hearted, those of a nervous disposition or anyone afraid of the dark….the last two I would say relate to me (I watch too many horror and thrillers) and yet I decided tot throw myself into the pitch black tunnel and discover the history of london.

From Guy Fawkes to Edward Scissorhands, New Gate (where people were hung back in the day) to the surgeons, we jumped, screamed and huddled our way through the tour – taking a ride down the river to our trials and falling to our death (both rides within the tour).

Obviously I got picked on. Caged whilst Alex was up front helping demonstrate torture weapons – this was hilarious too. I was sensible and searched the cage for trap doors and anything which could scare me. I was safe…Until a masked figure found it’s way in my cage through the wall behind me and appeared in my peripherals. Screaming was inevitable. This only added to my experience.

Everything is made to feel just like that time in history the whole way through, from costumes and accents, to smells and lighting.

Overall roughly an hour and half to two hours later we were back out in london as we know it today, light streaming into our eyes, fresh air filling our nostrils. Free!

An absolutely fantastic experience, really worth booking! Highly recommended. Even Alex found it really fun – obviously helped by my misfortune with the cage experience, he couldn’t stop laughing at me. It would make a great day out with friends/family, or perhaps the other half so you have someone to grip onto like me!

Photos and video aren’t allowed so you really do have to go to experience it!

Next scary experience I want to experience…london tombs!

Chloe xx