This week I took my first trip to the O2.


I’ve lived in London almost a year now, and there’s so much I haven’t done. I have done more since new year, but I still really need to get out and explore more.

It was during the afternoon at work this week, and one of my friends wasn’t having the best of days, and to be honest I had been feeling a bit stressed and could do with a good girls evening so I decided we should go out for dinner.

Two Options – Carvery or Harvester (Both great home comforts which are a little more rare in london).

I found out there was a Harvester in the O2, so after work we jumped on the DLR and headed to greenwich. It only took 30mins to get there. We had a great meal (The unlimited salad obviously playing a huge part!), and a lovely chat and laugh! We both felt atleast a bit better after. When you’re feeling low, nothing beats a good giggle and catchup with a friend!

But it wasn’t just about the meal or how it made me feel better. This trip made me realise just how close everything is in London. How we can just decide mid-afternoon we’re going to go to the O2 for dinner, or last Saturday we went to West london for the Lounge, and then East London to the Street Feast. You can just decide you want to do something, and go.

You don’t even have to look online for food places because there’s great places everywhere, and you always find the little wonders when you stumble across them.

There are also little events all the time over London. I now keep updated with TimeOut to make sure I don’t miss out on something fantastic. And if I see it last minute, it doesn’t matter because I’ll never be too far away!

It opened my eyes to how close everything is, how spontaneous you can really be, and how much more I should be!