SO I didn’t spend all that much in the January sales – it might have something to do with the fact that I went to the Clothes Show in December which was AMAZING, or maybe because nothing really stood out in store or online – why is it the full priced stuff always draws me in as it’s so much more organised! But I do love some retail therapy…the odd shopping trip to treat yourself to something you really want – some gorgeous new outfits for weekend/work, some new fitness clothes for the gym or even something new for the flat/beauty regime… it does leave you feeling fantastic doesn’t it?


As I’m starting a new job soon I’ve been looking at new bags and jewellery to help create some fab outfits – you always want to look nice when you start somewhere new and having some new outfits always feels great! There’s so many hot picks at the moment at Accessorize that I had to share my wish list with you – I’d love to hear what you think too!

Bags – Gotta have a great bag to go with the outfit. I seem to always get a new bag or two for Christmas, but you can never have too many right? I love these…

Left: Rosetti Floral Weekend Bag £39, Middle: Striped Packable Shopper £10, Marianne Soft Tote £39

Ok, so the first two maybe aren’t really for work but I love the floral weekender bag – I’ve needed a new large bag for a while for visiting the family back home, and the stripe shopper would be fab for being prepared for those supermarket trips on the way home from work. The shopper also has a waterproof lining so it’ll be great for using for my trips to the swimming pool this year!

I really do have something about the colour yellow however, and have fallen in love with the Marianne Soft Tote Bag. It would make a striking stand out accessory for one of my new outfits, and it’s so versatile with the detachable shoulder strap and separate detachable zip-up pouch which is perfect for tablets!

Jewellery – I feel naked without a necklace. Do you get that feeling too when you don’t wear a piece of jewellery? I’m starting to feel the same with bracelets too – I got a gorgeous bracelet from my parents for Christmas which I wear everyday now! I love statement jewellery to add a bit of pizazz to a more plain outfit, what do you think of my fave picks below…

Top row – left: Enamel Flower Single Stretch Bracelet £12, middle: Marine Statement Necklace 19, right: Katie Butterfly Statement Necklace £22. Bottomrow – left: Fairytale Torq Necklace £15, middle: Helena Gold Plated Wrap Stone Ring £15, right: Sterling Silver 3 x Sarah Jet Stacking Rings £17

I’ve only really started wearing rings again recently but love the look of these two. The colour of the stone in the wrap ring would go with everything!

Statement necklaces are a must have for me – I currently wear a couple over and over so I could definitely do with a new one to shake things up a little. The bottom left necklace, the Fariytale Torq, looks so elegant yet really eye-catching and I think would go so well with my jumper dresses or blouses.

What do you think? What would your top Accessorize picks be?

Chloe xx

*I was contacted by Accessorize for this post, however all thoughts are my own – I really have fallen in love with that yellow Marianne Tote Bag!