I never used to like markets – the utter chaos, unorganised clothes rails, crowds in the way of where you want to look…to me it all seemed too much effort for what I would go home with.

However back then I had never been to some of London’s beauties. From street food to clothes or gifts London has some fab markets to check out. Here are the two which I’ve fallen in love with:

Roman Road

I visited this market in the East End back in the summer with Lucy – a girls day out for retail therapy, just what’s needed after a long week.

Roman Road Market
Roman Road market Predominantly on one road, this market is a fab clothes hotspot – it completely changed my mind on market clothes shopping.

I got so many fab items – a bright orange dress for nights out, black playsuit, a smart top, patterned trousers, and I never spent more than £5 on each item! How incredible is that?

Great place if you have a sewing machine too as you can always alter items more to your liking – a great savvy way to shop. Also means no one will have the same outfit as you which is always a bonus!

Borough Market

Food glorious food…and I mean it. All food fanatics must take a trip to Borough.

There’s so many stalls to look round you do need to give yourself a couple of hours at least – but don’t worry you won’t go hungry!

There’s plenty of warm food stalls from Turkish to artisan scotch eggs (which are amazing!) making it a perfect place for lunch or an early dinner. There’s fresh homemade bread, sweet treats including mahoosive meringues, wine and fizz stands, fresh pate stands, butchers, and so much more!  Borough Market London

Borough Market London  Borough Market London
Borough Market London  Borough Market London
Borough Market London Along with our delicious scotch egg we indulged in the giant mouthwatering meringues topped in brownie (giving us a total sugar rush) macarons and a freshly blended smoothie! A balanced diet and all. 
Borough Market London  

Borough Market London  
I took home a huge piece of baklava for Alex which went down a treat, as well as some homemade mushroom pate. If you’re looking for gift ideas for foodies this is a fab place to go!

Do you like market shopping? Where are your favourite markets?

Chloe xx