On the way back from a client meeting recently, the train having come into Paddington, we stopped for lunch at Barburrito. We could not possibly have waited until we got back to the office…all super hungry!

When I think of burrito take away restaurants, I always think Chipotle and Chilango, they are the only ones I had been to and as both are fab I’d never had to consider anywhere else. From Alex’s they are both really close by! So when we ventured into the indoor area of Paddington where there are numerous options for lunch and this one was chosen I was quite excited! I do love a good Mexican dish – even more if nice and spicy!

Barburrito Paddington Station

We queued up and were asked if we had visited before, and were explained how they work and what we could choose. This is all on the boards above the service area. Basically the choices are burrito, burrito bowl (without tortilla), tacos or nachos. You then get to choose whether you’d like white rice or spicy rice, and one of the bean options, followed by the meat/veg filling; chicken, pork, shredded beef, steak or flash fried veg. Next on goes the salsa with a range of heats from mild to extra hot, and you can choose whether you’d like sour cream, cheese and lettuce – guacamole is an extra cost (I still haven’t figured out why…but this is the same at all burrito take aways).

At the moment they also have chilli beef, and a chilli rice pot which one of my colleagues did pick – apparently very nice!

I went for the chicken burrito with spicy rice, beans, extra hot salsa, lettuce and a little sour cream.

We were then asked if we’d like drinks and if we were sitting in or taking away – they give you a little dish if you’re dining in.

Cutlery is available at a station with napkins, salt and some extra sauces which looked intriguing, although I decided I probably already had enough with the extra hot salsa and little sour cream. And I was right, it was a pretty messy.

We all found a seat at a raised table in the Barburrito eating area and sat down to indulge, napkins at the ready!

Barburrito Paddington Station

Barburrito Paddington Station

I took a bite into my burrito…It tasted amazing. I loved the extra hot salsa, even with the sour cream it was quite spicy – I do love my spice, many places don’t actually make things super spicy even though they say hot! There was enough of everything inside and it was rolled really well too, not falling apart as I continued to eat. The chicken was cooked well, not overdone or chewy and everything tasted so nice and fresh – You can tell it is too when you see them preparing your burrito in front of you.

Barburrito Paddington Station

I was extremely satisfied with my lunch and pleased we had chosen Barburrito over the other options – if not I don’t think I would have ever considered the fact that there was yet another fab burrito take away chain. I would recommend popping in for lunch or dinner if you’re passing and ravenous! It will definitely fill that hole in your stomach, and if like me you love a good burrito you won’t be disappointed!

Chloe xx