Are you in need of somewhere in Shoreditch for lunch or a stop for a bite to eat on the go? I have the perfect place!

London’s famous Beigel Bake on Brick Lane (no.159).

Beigel Bake Brick Lane

Ok, so Beigel Bake doesn’t pride itself on it’s service. It is a high turnover bagel take-away shop, with not much seating or inside space.

However, there’s a reason there’s alway a queue in this place!

When you turn up, from the outside it doesn’t look like anything special until you see the hot salt beef being carved through the window and your mouth begins to drool a little – Ok, is that just me? 😛 I’m always so hungry by lunch.

Beigel Bake Brick Lane

You join the queue of customers filled with anticipation and excitement, piling in to the shop, eyeing up the ridiculously low priced bagels and cakes – Alex was tempted by the carrot cake and chocolate cake too! – before being asked what they can get you. With speedy maths from the server on the till and a quick exchange of money your order is on it’s way and doesn’t take long until it’s in a brown paper bag in your hands.

The most popular option is obviously the hot salt beef bagel (make sure you ask for the pickles when ordering as this is a little extra), but there are plenty of other options from Nutella to salmon and cream cheese.

The hot salt beef is the most expensive thing from Beigel Bake, however it’s pretty much like heaven…take a look…

Hot Salt Beef Bagel - Beigel Bake Brick Lane

A soft white bagel (Bagels here are boiled) crammed with warm, tender, melt-in-the-mouth, flavoursome beef and a drizzle of mustard, it’s a surprise I made this fit in my mouth. There’s so much in the one bagel that it makes a very filling lunch, and I couldn’t quite believe how much you got the first time I visited!

You do tend to eat and walk, or like me you could always shelter against the wall slightly further down brick lane to try keep the cold out whilst indulging and stuffing your face – literally!

I took Alex here last week for the first time ever. He doesn’t like mustard or pickles – Yes, I know, fussy! – and so had tomato ketchup. He loved it too and said he was definitely returning.

This is my little place to go for a lunch time treat now and again, and I’ll always highly recommend to anyone in the area – It’s probably even worth travelling across London for!

Chloe xx