Leon restaurants are taking over the city and I was intrigued to see what all the hype was about.

With the number of individuals suffering with Coeliac, or those avoiding gluten in their diet rising massively the need for more gluten free food establishments has increased. Although quite a few do now offer an alternative gluten free menu, it’s not always up to the mark.

Leon offers most of it’s menu – including cakes! – as gluten free. It’s also known for being super healthy, or so I’ve heard from so many people. I went along with a gluten free friend for lunch this week to see what I thought.

We chose the branch near Farringdon station as was pretty close to the office. When we got there it was really busy – always a good sign. Preparing ourselves for a lengthy wait we stood deciding on what we wanted – there are lots of options from salads to hot boxes which include rice and a healthy coleslaw with peas πŸ™‚ Although it was super busy, we were served quickly by a really friendly woman – this is when I panic as I still haven’t decided, there were a few option which drew me in. Food was almost instant – their demand is so high they can get away with having boxes ready to go – and piping hot – sure is naturally fast food!

I had the falafel and sweet potato hot box and my friend the chicken aioli hot box with a gluten free caramel slice.

We took our brown paper bags and headed back to the office – I know it’s so bad to eat at your desk but when there’s a lot of work on, it has to be done.

Leon Restaurant - Falafel and Sweet Potato hot box

Leon Restaurant - Falafel and Sweet Potato hot box

Opening my box I was welcomed by a delicious smell. It was nicely presented – mine slipped a little on the walk back but I knew that was my fault.

Leon Restaurant - Falafel and Sweet Potato hot box
It tasted so good, the brown rice just the right softness, the coleslaw not creamy, just what I was after for a healthy lunch time treat. I was a little confused where the sweet potato was but was sure it must have been in there somewhere – anyway the falafel was incredible, a little crumbly, not greasy, and went so well with the drizzle of sauce the rice was dressed with and the peppers.

I do normally like my pasta or rice quite saucy unless flavoured, so if you’re a saucy individual be prepared to add your own or perhaps request more at Leon. On this occasion it didn’t bother me too much, loving the fresh and healthy taste I was experiencing.

My friend seemed to enjoy hers, although I think her favourite bit was the caramel slice (millionaire shortbread) which she can’t always have, being gluten free.

Overall, I do think Leon Restaurants are a great offering for gluten free individuals and anyone looking for fresh and healthy lunches. I would definitely recommend Farringdon branch if you’re close for quick and friendly service.

What do you think about Leon?

Chloe xx