Last night Alex and I went to see Memphis the musical at Shaftesbury Theatre and it was incredible.

Memphis the Musical

After a long day at work (well long four days!) what’s better than an evening out for a quick dinner and a theatre trip? As yesterday I also passed my probation in my job it was also a reason to celebrate! (Yayy me!!)

The theatre was already bustling when we turned up at 7.15 to collect tickets (super speedy service) and find seats (so easy with one of the attendants on the door directing you). The longest part, as standard, was the ladies toilet…why do we take so long?

We had seats in the stalls (the closest section to the stage), which I’d never experienced before. I’ve been in the middle section and the back to watch other shows – with last minute tickets for seats at the back being a great cheap way to go the theatre – however the experience up front is completely different. It was astounding, and if you have a little extra money saved for rainy day activities this is definitely the way to use it!


Ok so here’s a brief outline of the story without giving too much away:
It’s based in 1950s Memphis, back in the day when there was racial inequality and segregation. Huey Calhoun, a white lad who only got to 9th grade, is desperate to cut it in the dj world. Felicia Farrell, a black singer who performs in her brothers club aspires to be a big artist. The musical is based around these two characters, the culture of the time, the blues and rock and roll scene and a love story.

Beverley Knight played Felicia Farrell and West End star Killian Donnelly played Huey. I hadn’t really heard of him before, so wasn’t sure what to expect…but he was really really talented, and these weren’t the only characters to conquer the stage and audience. The cast was amazing.

Memphis the Musical

Just like many other musicals I came out humming tunes… *singing* Someday … do do….
There were a number of catchy songs with great lyrics and an awesome background tune played by the house orchestra. Then the singing, just wow! The actors and actresses really did more than give their songs justice, they lived them. It really was something else!

As some of you might know, I’m a big lover of dance. Many types of dance completely draw me in..and this was another level. The 1950s dance style always look fun, but the energy put into the dancing in Memphis, the perfect timing, all alongside the singing was an amazing combo. I was absorbed by it.

Memphis the Musical

I also couldn’t believe how flexible some of the guys were!

And the story line which made it all come together.

AMAZING. I find the 1950s in America really interesting, how could people have been so horrible? The time of change and seeing what opinions were like back then (although I still don’t understand it). The fact that the musical is based on true events as well makes it even more touching. I loved the story line, it’s gripping and keeps  you interested – I left the theatre still thinking about what could have happened next to the characters at that time in America.

Memphis the Musical  Memphis the Musical

I think this could possibly be my favourite musical in theatres right now. A combination of all the above, the cast, singing, dancing and story line, making it sound out well above the rest. I think I was actually speechless at one point when Alex asked me what I thought…yes speechless! I was a tad jealous of the dancers too!

If you’re considering theatre plans this summer, Memphis should definitely be on your list!

Chloe xx